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If you’re ⁢a member of the military or a veteran, you’ll be happy to know that World Market offers ‌a ‌military discount to show their appreciation for the⁢ sacrifices made by​ our⁤ servicemen and women. This⁤ discount provides an excellent opportunity to save money while enjoying their incredible​ selection of⁣ products. Whether you’re looking ‍for‌ unique home decor, international foods, or stylish furniture, World Market has it all at affordable prices.

World Market is a one-stop shop for those who love to explore different cultures​ and embrace⁢ diverse styles. They specialize in importing ‍goods from‍ around the globe, offering a curated collection of products that celebrate the⁣ beauty of various traditions. From vibrant textiles and‌ eclectic furnishings to international wines and gourmet snacks,​ World ‍Market brings a⁤ taste of the ‍world​ right to ​your⁣ doorstep. Their passion for sourcing distinctive, high-quality ⁢items at reasonable prices sets them apart as⁣ a go-to destination for⁢ shoppers with a global mindset.

To enjoy the military discount at World Market, it’s a simple process.⁤ First, ensure that ⁢you’re eligible by either being an active duty military ‌member, a veteran, a retiree, or a military spouse or dependent. Next, visit your nearest World Market store or their website to start shopping. When checking out, present a valid military ID in-store or apply the discount code provided ⁢online. With this special⁢ discount, you can make your purchases even more affordable and fill your home with unique treasures and ⁣delicious treats from different corners of​ the world.

In​ conclusion,​ World Market offers a military discount as a gesture of appreciation for ​the⁢ military community. With their vast range of products that⁣ celebrate diverse cultures, they provide an incredible shopping​ experience for those looking ‍to add an international touch ⁤to their lives. Take advantage of this discount by presenting your‌ military ID in-store or⁣ applying the provided discount⁤ code online, and⁤ start exploring the world ⁢from the comfort of⁢ your own ‍home with World Market.


Q: What is the World Market military ‍discount?
A: ‍The World Market military discount is a special offer designed to honor and appreciate the service of our military personnel. It provides eligible members with a ⁣discount on their purchases at World Market stores and online.

Q: Who is ‍eligible for the World Market military discount?
A: Active duty‌ military personnel,⁢ veterans, retirees, and their immediate family members are eligible for the World Market military discount. Additionally, the discount extends ​to National Guard and Reserve members.

Q: How much is the military discount?
A: The World Market military discount ​provides ‌a 15% discount on purchases made in-store or online. This discount is applicable to regular-priced items but cannot be combined ‍with other promotions, offers, or ⁢discounts.

Q: How can I‍ avail of the military discount ‌at World Market?
A: To enjoy the military discount in-store, simply present your valid military ‍ID, ​military dependent ID, Veteran ID card, or ​discharge papers at the⁣ time of purchase. If shopping online, you will need to verify your⁢ military status through the platform during the checkout process.

Q: Is the military discount available at all World ⁣Market locations?
A: Yes, the military discount ⁢is available at ⁢all World⁢ Market locations across ⁤the United States. It can also⁣ be used for online purchases on their website, ensuring the convenience to shop from anywhere.

Q: Can the military discount be used on all merchandise?
A: The military discount is applicable to most regular-priced items, excluding alcoholic beverages and gift cards. Some restrictions may apply to certain products and categories, so it’s always best to check with the store or ⁤website for specific details.

Q: Does ‌the ⁢military discount ⁢have any expiration date or limitations?
A: The military discount at World Market does not have any stated ​expiration date, making it ⁣an ongoing offer for eligible military‍ members.⁢ However, certain limitations may apply, so make sure to read the terms and conditions or⁣ inquire with World Market ⁢staff for further information.

Q: Can I use the military ⁢discount with ​other coupons or promotions?
A: Unfortunately, the military discount cannot be combined with additional ⁤coupons,⁤ promotions, or discounts. However, the discount itself is a generous offer, providing military ⁤personnel and their families an opportunity to save on their purchases at World Market.

Q: How does World Market ⁣support ​the military‍ community beyond the military discount?
A: In ⁢addition to providing the military⁢ discount, World Market partners ​with organizations that support the military community. They actively engage in programs that promote veterans’ employment ‌and collaborate with ⁤nonprofits to provide‌ assistance and⁤ resources to military families. World Market’s commitment extends beyond​ the ​discount, aiming to‌ make a positive impact on the lives of⁣ military members and their loved ones.

Q: Is there any time of the year when World Market ⁢offers additional military discounts or special promotions?
A: While World Market consistently offers the 15% military discount throughout the year, they may occasionally have special promotions or events specifically tailored⁣ for military members during holidays like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or ‍Independence Day. It’s advisable to keep an eye on ⁤their​ website or sign up for ⁣their newsletter to stay informed about any upcoming military-related offers.