Kestrel Instruments

Kestrel Instruments is proud to offer a special discount to military members, honoring those who serve or have served in the armed forces. This discount is part of Kestrel’s commitment to supporting the military community, helping them access the tools they need for both professional and personal use. It’s a gesture that reflects gratitude for their service and provides a practical benefit to enhance their preparedness and performance.

Kestrel manufactures rugged, high-precision weather meters and environmental monitoring devices designed to perform in the harshest conditions. Trusted by firefighters, hunters, competitive shooters, and military personnel worldwide, these instruments provide critical data such as wind speed, temperature, humidity, heat stress index, and more. Their portability and accuracy make them indispensable for tactical operations and outdoor adventures, ensuring that users are always prepared for whatever conditions they might face.

How To Get The Kestrel Military Discount

To obtain the Kestrel military discount, eligible members including active duty, reservists, and veterans can simply verify their service through Kestrel’s website. After verification, they receive a discount code that can be applied during checkout, reducing the cost of any purchase. This process is straightforward, ensuring that our servicemen and women can easily benefit from reduced prices on devices that could be crucial in their roles or recreational pursuits. It’s a practical way to say thank you and a step towards equipping our heroes with the best tools for success.