Motel 6

Motel 6

Are‍ you a member ‍of the military ⁣looking for affordable and⁤ comfortable⁢ accommodation while on ‌duty or on vacation? Look no further than Motel 6 and take advantage of their generous military discount! At Motel 6, they understand​ the sacrifices made by our military personnel and their​ families, and ⁤they ⁢are ‌proud to offer this special discount ​as a​ token of gratitude. Read on to discover what Motel​ 6 has⁢ to offer and ⁢how⁤ you can ​get this fantastic ⁤military discount.

Motel‍ 6 is a well-known ‍hotel chain across⁢ the United States⁣ that focuses on providing budget-friendly accommodations without⁣ compromising on quality. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, Motel ‌6 is committed to ensuring ​your stay is both comfortable and affordable. Their rooms are clean,⁤ spacious, and equipped‍ with all the necessary ‍amenities to make your stay ‌enjoyable. From ⁢comfortable ‍beds to free Wi-Fi,⁢ you can ⁢relax and unwind after a‌ long day of work⁢ or exploration. With over 1,400 locations nationwide, ⁤there is always a Motel 6 nearby to cater to your needs.

Getting the Motel⁣ 6 military discount is simple and hassle-free. To⁢ qualify,⁣ all you need to ‌do is present a ‍valid⁤ military ID ⁢at ⁢the time of check-in. Whether you’re on ⁣active ​duty or a veteran, this discount ‍is available to all military⁢ personnel, including their spouses ‌and dependents. By offering this discount, Motel 6 aims to⁤ make ‍your‍ stay more affordable, ⁣allowing you to ‌save money ​while still enjoying their comfortable accommodations.‍ So, next time ⁤you’re planning a trip, ‍remember to take advantage⁣ of the ‌Motel ​6 military discount and experience affordable and ‍quality lodging that respects⁢ and supports the military community.


Q: Does Motel 6 offer a military‍ discount?
A: Yes, Motel ‍6 ​proudly provides a military discount to show our appreciation for the brave men⁢ and women who serve in​ the United States ⁢military.

Q: How much is the military discount ‍at ⁢Motel 6?
A: The military discount at Motel 6 offers a 10% ⁢discount off ​our standard rates for active duty personnel, veterans, and their⁤ families. It’s our way of saying thank you for​ their service.

Q:⁢ Who is ⁤eligible for the military ⁤discount at Motel 6?
A: The military discount ‍at Motel 6 is ⁣available to all active-duty military personnel, veterans, and⁣ their immediate family​ members. This includes spouses and dependent children.

Q: How can I avail ‌the military discount at Motel ​6?
A: Availing the military discount at Motel 6 ‍is easy.⁤ When making a reservation online, select ⁢the “Military” rate category⁣ from the⁣ drop-down menu. If you ​prefer to book over the phone, simply let the reservation agent ‌know​ that you’re eligible for the military discount, and they will assist you accordingly.

Q: Can I use the​ military discount when booking at any Motel 6⁤ location nationwide?
A: Yes, the military ⁢discount at Motel 6 is‍ available‌ at all ⁤participating locations across the United States. Wherever your ⁣travels take⁢ you, you can enjoy the ⁣discounted rates as a token of our⁣ appreciation.

Q: Is⁣ the⁢ military discount ⁤applicable⁤ for all​ room types at Motel 6?
A: Yes, the military discount applies‌ to‍ all‍ available room types at Motel 6. So ⁣whether ⁤you’re looking for a⁣ simple and comfortable ‌room or something more spacious, you can take⁢ advantage ⁣of the discounted ‌rates.

Q: ​Are ‍there any⁢ blackout​ dates or limitations for ‌the military discount at Motel 6?
A:​ Generally, there are no blackout dates or limitations for the ⁢military discount⁣ at‌ Motel ​6. However, it is ‍always⁢ advisable to check with the specific Motel 6 location when making​ a reservation, as⁢ some ‍properties‌ may have ⁤restrictions during peak‍ travel periods.

Q:⁤ Can I ⁤combine the military discount with ⁢other promotions or ​offers at Motel 6?
A: Unfortunately, the military discount cannot be combined with ⁢other promotions or offers at Motel 6. The discount is already generously ​applied to your ​reservation as a dedicated‍ appreciation for military​ service.

Q: How ⁣long‍ will the military discount at ‌Motel 6 be available?
A: Motel 6 is committed to ⁣supporting our military personnel ⁢and‌ veterans. Though promotions and⁣ offers may change over time, our dedication ​to providing ​a military ‍discount⁣ will continue ‍for ⁣the foreseeable future.

Q: ⁢Are there​ any additional ⁤benefits or services for⁤ military guests ⁣at ​Motel 6?
A: Besides ⁢the ⁣military discount, Motel 6 offers a range of comfortable ⁢amenities ‌to make your ⁢stay enjoyable. This⁣ includes free ⁢Wi-Fi, pet-friendly rooms, and 24-hour‍ front desk service for any⁢ assistance you ‌may require during your ​visit.