Dolly Parton Stampede

Dolly Parton Stampede

Are you a‍ military‍ service member or a veteran looking ⁢for some good ‍old-fashioned⁢ family‌ fun? Look no further than the Dolly Parton‌ Stampede! ​Known for‍ its entertainment and​ mouth-watering meals, this dinner ‍and show extravaganza​ is perfect for creating ⁤lasting memories with loved ones. And the best⁣ part? The Dolly ​Parton Stampede ‍shows its appreciation⁤ for the men and ​women in uniform by offering a special military discount.

For those not familiar⁤ with‌ the Dolly Parton Stampede, it ⁤is a unique dining experience⁢ that combines thrilling horseback riding⁢ stunts, amazing special effects, and an ​unforgettable‌ musical production. Located in various cities across‍ the ⁢United States, this family-friendly attraction promises to transport ​you⁣ back in time⁤ to the ​Wild West. Guests are ⁤treated to a four-course feast while they cheer on ‍their favorite ‍riders during the impressive riding exhibitions.

To take advantage of the Dolly Parton‌ Stampede military discount,⁢ all active duty and‌ retired ‌military personnel ⁢need to do is present a‌ valid military ID at⁢ the ticket office. The discount applies to both ‍the adult and child​ ticket prices, making it an ‌affordable option for the whole family to enjoy.⁢ Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, planning a family outing, or simply looking for a fun-filled evening, the Dolly Parton Stampede ensures that military personnel ⁣can have an extraordinary experience ‌without breaking the ⁤bank.

So, if you’re ready for an unforgettable evening of entertainment that pays homage to the Wild West, ⁤head on over to the Dolly⁤ Parton ⁤Stampede. Don’t forget to bring your ⁢military ID to take advantage of‌ their generous military discount! ‌Get ready to be transported back in time, indulge in a delicious feast, and enjoy a night of laughter and excitement. The⁤ Dolly ‍Parton Stampede will undoubtedly ‌leave⁢ you ⁤with unforgettable memories of an evening well ⁤spent.


Q: What is the⁤ Dolly Parton Stampede?

A: The Dolly Parton Stampede‌ is a mesmerizing dinner⁤ theatre experience⁢ that‌ combines exciting entertainment with an exceptional dining experience. ‍It is a popular attraction owned by the ‍legendary ⁢performer Dolly‍ Parton and is located in several cities across ⁤the United States.

Q: What is the Dolly Parton Stampede⁣ military discount?

A: The Dolly Parton Stampede⁣ offers a‍ generous military discount to show appreciation for the brave men and women serving‍ our country. This⁤ discount allows military personnel and their immediate ⁢family members to ⁢enjoy the thrilling show and delicious dinner at a discounted rate.

Q: Who is eligible for the military⁣ discount?

A: Active ‍duty and retired⁢ military personnel, as well as veterans,‍ are eligible for‍ the Dolly Parton ‌Stampede military discount. Immediate⁤ family ‌members,‌ such as⁢ spouses and children, can⁣ also take advantage of this special⁣ offer when accompanied by ⁤the ‍military personnel.

Q: How much is⁤ the military discount for the ‍Dolly Parton Stampede?

A: The‌ military discount ⁣varies ​depending on the location and availability. It is best to contact the ⁤specific Dolly Parton Stampede ⁣location of ⁢your choice ⁢for the most⁣ accurate and⁢ up-to-date ‍information regarding the discounted ‌rates for ⁣military⁤ personnel ⁣and⁤ their families.

Q: How can I avail the⁢ military discount?

A: To avail the military discount, you​ will need to‌ present a⁢ valid military ID‍ or proof of service at ⁣the time of purchase.⁣ Ensure⁣ you inform the ticketing staff ⁢about your eligibility for ⁤the military discount, and ⁣they will⁢ guide you⁤ through the process.

Q: Can I purchase military discount tickets online?

A: Yes, you can ⁢often purchase military discount ​tickets for the Dolly Parton Stampede online. Visit the official website⁣ or call the ticketing hotline to check if the military discount is available for online ​purchases. It is⁤ recommended to book your tickets in advance to secure your seats,​ as availability may vary.

Q: Are there any ‌limitations or ‍restrictions to⁢ the military discount?

A: While the Dolly Parton Stampede strives to ⁤honor​ and appreciate military personnel, ‍it’s important to ‌note that certain limitations or restrictions ‍may apply. These can include blackout dates, ⁣limited availability during peak seasons, and restrictions on the number of discounted tickets per transaction. It is advisable to ‍check with ​the Dolly Parton Stampede⁤ location of your choice⁣ for any specific limitations or restrictions.

Q:⁣ Can I combine⁢ the military discount with other ‌promotions⁤ or discounts?

A: Generally,⁢ the Dolly Parton Stampede does not allow ⁤the military‍ discount to be combined ‍with other promotions or discounts. However, it is always wise​ to‍ inquire about any special offers or ⁤packages that​ may be‌ available at the time‌ of booking.

Q: How long is the⁢ Dolly Parton ‍Stampede show?

A: The show usually lasts ⁣for about ⁤two‍ hours, including a ‍pre-show entertainment segment. However,⁣ it’s recommended to check with the specific location ‌for the‍ most⁤ accurate show duration.

Q: Are there vegetarian or special dietary options available?

A: Yes, the Dolly⁤ Parton Stampede understands that guests may have specific dietary preferences or restrictions. Vegetarian and gluten-free ⁤meals can be​ requested at the time of ‌booking‍ or by​ contacting the venue in advance.

Q: Can children attend the Dolly Parton Stampede?

A: Absolutely! The Dolly ⁣Parton Stampede is a family-friendly attraction ‍and welcomes children ​of all ages. The show is designed to⁢ entertain ‍guests of all generations, making it a perfect outing‍ for families.

Q: Is‍ the ⁤Dolly Parton Stampede wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes, the ‍Dolly Parton Stampede strives to provide a comfortable experience ⁢for ⁣all⁢ guests. Wheelchair accessibility and ⁣seating options for guests with disabilities are available. It’s advisable to⁣ inform the staff about any specific requirements when purchasing‌ tickets.

Q: Is photography allowed during the show?

A: The use of photography, including flash photography, is ​not permitted ⁣during the performance to ensure an uninterrupted experience for all guests.​ However, there are designated ‌areas ⁤where you can take photos before ​or after the show.

Q: ⁤Can I ‌get a refund if I am unable to attend the​ show?

A: The refund policy for the ⁢Dolly Parton Stampede may vary based ‍on⁣ the‍ location‍ and specific circumstances. It ⁣is recommended to⁤ review the refund policy at the time of purchase ​or contact the venue ​directly⁤ for detailed ⁣information regarding cancellations and refunds.

Q: Where can I‌ find more information about the Dolly Parton Stampede⁤ military discount?

A: For detailed information⁣ regarding the Dolly⁣ Parton ⁢Stampede military discount, including ‍specific rates, availability, and any special offers, please visit ‌the official website of the Dolly Parton Stampede​ location⁣ of your choice or contact⁤ their customer service directly.