Ever‍ dream about riding in ​stylish sophistication and impeccable performance? Acura, a renowned maker ⁢of luxury vehicles, acknowledges the sacrifices ‍made by men ⁢and women in ​the armed forces‌ by offering an exclusive Military Appreciation Offer. Recognizing the bravery and dedication​ of the military personnel, Acura believes in honoring these heroes by⁤ providing them with an opportunity to experience their extraordinary vehicles with a special discount.

Acura ⁢is a luxury automotive marque that‍ has been captivating car ‍enthusiasts with its⁤ blend of style, performance, and⁣ sophistication for over three decades. Known for its pioneering technological features, ⁤Acura is an offshoot of‌ Honda, one of the world’s⁣ renowned ‍car ⁣manufacturers, and it boasts ​an impressive array of sedans, SUVs‌ and sports cars. The brand’s ⁤intuitive ⁣designs and innovative features, combined with‍ an unwavering commitment towards ‌safety,‍ make every Acura vehicle a symbol‍ of precision-crafted performance. From the⁤ stylish ILX sedan to the ​high-performance NSX sports car, they offer an ⁣exceptional driving ⁢experience ⁣which resonates with their mantra, “Precision Crafted Performance.”

To get the Acura​ military ​discount, the first ​step is to confirm your eligibility. This offer applies to U.S. military personnel⁢ and their spouses, along with veterans who ‌are within two​ years of separation from the military across all​ U.S. military branches: Army, ‍Navy, Air Force, Marines, ⁤National Guard, and Coast Guard. Upon verification, the eligible military ‌member​ will receive $750 in savings towards ​any 2020 or newer Acura vehicle when ‍financed or leased through Acura Financial‍ Services.‍ With the combination ⁣of Acura’s luxurious vehicles and the freedom of this unparalleled‌ monetary discount,⁤ military servicemen and servicewomen ‌can drive off the⁤ lot in style while relishing the brand’s exceptional‍ performance.

Q: What is the ⁤Acura Military Discount?
A: The Acura ⁢Military Discount ⁤is a‍ special ‍discount program provided by Acura for active-duty and reserve members of the ‌U.S Military and their⁢ immediate family. This program offers significant savings on a​ lease or⁤ purchase ⁢of​ a new ​Acura vehicle.

Q: Who is eligible for the Acura Military Discount?
A: Active-duty U.S. Military, (Army, Navy, ‍Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard, and Active Reserve), and their immediate family members (spouse ‍and children) ‌are eligible. In ‍addition, U.S. ‍Military Veterans within one year of their discharge date and Retirees of the⁤ U.S.‌ Military—regardless of their date ⁣of separation—are eligible.

Q: How much can I save with​ the Acura Military Discount?
A: With Acura‍ Military Appreciation Offer, you can save up to $750 when you lease or purchase⁣ a new Acura vehicle. ⁤

Q: How can I claim this Acura Military discount?
A: You‌ just need to ⁤visit a dealer, choose ⁤a​ model, and present your military ID or other proof of military service. They will guide⁢ you through the process.

Q: Can I use⁣ the Acura Military Discount with‌ other Acura discounts ⁤or special financing?
A: Yes, the Acura Military Discount can be⁤ combined with all other ⁣Acura‍ public lease, APR⁣ or customer ⁢cash incentives. However, it cannot be combined with Acura Loyalty Advantage benefits.

Q: How often can I use the Acura Military Discount?
A: ‌The ⁢discount can be​ used every time you purchase ⁤or lease a new Acura​ vehicle, as long ​as you remain eligible.

Q: Is there an expiration date for‍ the Acura Military Discount?
A: Currently, there⁤ is no stated expiration date for the⁤ Acura⁤ Military Appreciation ⁤Program. However, Acura reserves the right to change the program ⁤details at any⁤ time. So, if you‍ are considering buying a new Acura vehicle, it’s a‍ good idea‌ to take advantage ​of this offer soon.

Q: Can⁢ I transfer ⁣my Acura⁤ Military Discount to a deceased relative or friend?
A: No, the Acura Military Appreciation⁤ Offer ‍is non-transferable. It only⁣ applies to eligible U.S. Military personnel and their spouse.

Q: Can U.S. Military personnel stationed overseas use the discount?
A: Yes, ‌U.S. Military ⁣personnel stationed overseas are⁢ eligible for⁤ the Acura Military Appreciation Offer. However, ⁣the vehicle⁢ must ‌be registered in the United ‍States.

Q: What vehicles are included in the⁤ Acura Military ‌Discount‌ program?
A: The program includes ⁢all new and ⁤unregistered ⁤Acura⁢ models. It does not ‍include Certified Pre-Owned vehicles or ‌used Acura vehicles.