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Hunting is a passion of many, especially those who are skilled in weapon handling. It’s a time-honored tradition among many families, a sport or hobby for some, a means of survival for others, and even a career for a select few skilled marksmen/women. But having the right gear while out on a hunt is essential to ensure success and safety, and the costs can add up quite quickly!

Sitka is a hunting gear retailer that takes their business seriously. They know how important the right gear is for a successful hunting trip, career, or hobby, and aim to outfit their customers with the best of the best of everything they need. From outerwear to clothing, accessories and more, Sitka aims to get you as ready as can be with their high-quality hunting gear, and they’re very good at what they do.

How To Get The SItka Military Discount

Sitka provides a discount program to select groups, with military being one of those. Their Pro Program is elite, with an application process and documentation being necessary for acceptance. While they don’t list a specific discount on their website, several sources say they offer as much as 40% off to Pro Program members, so it’s definitely worth checking out!


Q: What is Sitka​ Gear’s military discount?
A: Sitka Gear offers an ‍exclusive military discount‌ to show‌ appreciation and support for servicemen ⁢and women. This special discount ⁢allows military personnel to enjoy savings on their high-performance hunting and outdoor ‌gear.

Q: Who is eligible for​ the Sitka Gear military discount?
A: All active-duty military members, veterans, retirees, reservists, and dependents ‍are eligible for the Sitka ‍Gear​ military ‌discount. This ​includes individuals from all branches of the United⁣ States ‍Armed⁤ Forces.

Q:⁤ How much discount‍ does Sitka Gear offer⁤ to⁣ military personnel?
A: Sitka Gear provides a generous discount to‍ military personnel. ⁤This discount can be applied to all eligible items available on their website or at authorized⁤ retail locations.

Q: How can military personnel attain the discount on Sitka Gear products?
A: To access the military discount, military personnel need to verify their eligibility ​by signing⁣ up for ‍a free ⁣account on the Sitka ‍Gear website. Once their military status is confirmed, the discount will automatically be applied ‌at checkout.

Q: ⁢Can the Sitka Gear military discount be combined with other promotions or discounts?
A: Unfortunately, ‍the military discount cannot be⁢ combined with other promotional‌ offers ​or discounts. However,‍ the discount is quite generous on its‌ own and provides significant savings on Sitka Gear’s top-quality products.

Q:​ Where ‌can military personnel shop for Sitka Gear products?
A: Sitka Gear products ​can be purchased online ‍through their official website,⁤ which is the easiest and most convenient way ‌to access the ⁣military discount. ‌Additionally, ⁢authorized retail stores that carry Sitka Gear may also offer the same military discount to eligible customers.

Q: Does the Sitka Gear ⁢military⁢ discount ⁤have an expiration date?
A:⁣ Currently, there is no specified expiration date for the ⁢Sitka⁢ Gear military discount. However, it is always advisable to check​ the‌ company’s website or contact ‍their customer service to‌ stay informed about any changes or updates regarding the military discount policy.

Q: Can military personnel return or exchange Sitka Gear products ⁤purchased with the military discount?
A: Yes, ‍Sitka⁣ Gear​ allows returns and exchanges for products purchased ‌with the military discount. The same return ​policy that applies to regular purchases is also applicable to military discount purchases.

Q: Does Sitka⁤ offer any additional benefits⁤ or programs for military personnel?
A: ​Yes, ‍Sitka Gear ⁢provides ⁤support beyond the military discount. They actively ‍collaborate with ⁣various organizations and initiatives that help veterans and active-duty military personnel engage in⁤ hunting and ‌outdoor activities. Sitka Gear’s commitment extends beyond just‍ offering high-quality gear, making them⁢ a strong advocate for the military community.

Q: ​Can military personnel share ‌their⁢ feedback or ask questions about the Sitka military⁤ discount?
A: Absolutely! Sitka Gear welcomes any‌ feedback, questions, or ​concerns regarding their military ⁣discount program. Military personnel⁢ can reach out⁤ to their customer service team through the contact information available on the Sitka Gear website for prompt assistance.⁤