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Panda Express

Panda Express, the popular American ⁤fast-casual⁤ restaurant chain, goes above and beyond to⁢ show ​their ​appreciation ​for the military. As a token of gratitude for their ‌dedicated service,​ Panda Express offers a military​ discount to active​ duty personnel, veterans, retirees, and their families. This discount⁣ is a heartwarming gesture that allows‍ members‍ of ⁤the ​military community ⁢to ‌enjoy their delicious‌ Chinese cuisine ⁣at a more affordable price.

Founded ⁢in 1983,‌ Panda Express ⁢has become ⁢a household name for Chinese ⁢American food lovers across the United States. With ‌over 2,200 locations nationwide,‍ they serve a​ variety of mouthwatering ⁤dishes, ranging from their ⁤iconic orange​ chicken to Beijing beef and ‍Kung Pao chicken. ⁢Panda Express takes pride⁤ in offering high-quality ingredients, flavorful recipes,‌ and quick service, ​ensuring that customers receive a delicious‌ and satisfying meal every time they visit. Moreover, their commitment ‌to corporate social responsibility and​ community‌ involvement ⁢has helped them build a positive reputation.

To take advantage of the Panda Express military discount, members of the military community simply need to present a valid military ID at the time of purchase. This discount is available both in-store and online, ​making ⁤it convenient for those stationed far‌ from a physical ‍location. Whether ‌you’re craving their popular classics or‌ want to⁢ explore new menu items, ⁤this military discount allows military personnel and‍ their families to enjoy their⁣ favorite dishes with greater savings. ‌Panda Express’ ongoing support for the military community truly ⁣reflects their ‍gratitude for the sacrifices ‍made by these remarkable‍ individuals.


Q: Does Panda Express offer a ⁢military discount?
A: ⁢Yes, Panda Express ‍is proud to​ offer⁣ a military discount to ⁢show​ their gratitude for the service and sacrifice of our ‌military personnel.

Q: ⁢Who is eligible for the military ⁢discount ‍at Panda Express?
A: The ⁢military discount⁣ at Panda ‌Express is ‍available for active​ duty military, veterans, and their⁣ immediate family​ members.

Q: How much is the‌ military​ discount ‌at Panda Express?
A: The​ exact discount amount may vary depending⁤ on the location, but typically it is around 10%⁢ off‍ the total bill.

Q: Can the military discount be combined with other offers⁢ or promotions?
A: Unfortunately, in most⁢ cases, the ⁣military discount cannot be combined with⁢ other offers or promotions. It ⁤is generally applied separately to⁢ the ‌total bill.

Q: ‍How can I redeem‌ the⁤ military discount‍ at Panda Express?
A:⁤ To take advantage of ⁣the⁢ military discount​ at⁤ Panda Express,⁤ simply present a ‍valid military ​ID ‍or any proof‍ of military⁤ service at the time of purchase.

Q: ⁢Is the military discount available for online orders or delivery?
A: While the availability⁤ of the military ‌discount for online orders or ⁢delivery may vary by location, it ⁢is predominantly ⁤applicable for ‌in-store​ orders. We recommend⁣ checking with your⁣ local Panda Express⁢ branch for⁤ further details.

Q: Are all Panda‍ Express locations participating in the military discount program?
A: While⁢ most Panda Express⁢ locations do offer⁣ a military discount, it’s always a good idea to confirm ‍with your local restaurant before placing your‍ order to ensure their participation.

Q: Can military ​family members use the discount even‌ if the service ⁢member is not ‍present?
A: Yes, immediate family ⁤members of military ⁢personnel can ‍usually use the military discount even if the service member is not present. ​However, it’s a good practice to ⁢check with ​the⁣ specific Panda Express location to confirm their policy.

Q: How long is the ⁣military ​discount ‍available ⁢at Panda Express?
A: The military discount ‍at Panda Express is an ongoing offer to express their appreciation. However, it’s always wise to ⁣confirm with your⁤ local restaurant as​ policies may vary.

Q: Is ‌the military discount available ⁣for catering orders?
A: While the availability ​of the military discount for catering orders may vary by location, it is generally applicable for individual,‍ in-store orders. It is recommended to check ‍with your local ‌Panda Express branch for specific details on catering discounts.

Remember,⁤ Panda‌ Express ​appreciates and supports⁢ the military ‌community. ‌Enjoy ⁢your meal ⁢and thank you for your service!