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Universal studios globe

Universal Studios

Finding time to relax and enjoy life can be difficult when you’re so busy with work, but it’s important, nonetheless. Taking your loved ones on vacation or even day trips is a great way to […]

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costco wholesale military


With a busy career in the military, you have more important things to think about than weekly shopping. However, ensuring you have supplies on hand is also important, so what are your options? Buying in […]

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military personnel standing while wearing white Under Armour zip-up jacket

Under Armour

When you work hard, you need gear that matches your drive. Athletic footwear, apparel, and gear shouldn’t buckle under pressure — you sure don’t! But finding the gear that can keep up with your drive […]

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GM military site


It’s a good idea for every driver to have a reliable vehicle, and even more so when your job is so important. Making sure you get to work safely and on time with a career […]

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parked enterprise car rental vehicles


With a career in the military, it’s likely you’re no stranger to travel. Whether for work or leisure, traveling is a part of life that many people enjoy. Renting a car for road trips or […]

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red and white target sign


With a demanding job like yours, time is precious — but you still need to handle your daily responsibilities, which includes shopping. Buying home supplies, groceries, clothing, and electronics can become quite exhausting when you […]

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lululemon shopping while in the military


It’s likely that you’re in great shape with such a demanding job — and keeping yourself fit means you’ll need decent workout apparel. These come in all shapes, sizes, and styles these days, but all […]

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using military discount at best buy

Best Buy

Being away from home so much, it’s likely that you’ll want to make your days off as comfortable as possible. Keeping your home updated with modern conveniences is one way to do this: it makes […]

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white and black nike air jordan 1 s ready for military discount


Staying fit and looking great are both important to many, and especially those of you with demanding careers like the military. High quality footwear, athletic wear, accessories and equipment can help you achieve your goals, […]

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black and silver car tire military discount

Discount Tire

Founded in 1960, Discount Tire is the world’s largest independent tire and wheel retailer. They also do business as America’s Tire in parts of California and as Discount Tire Direct outside of retail stores.  The […]

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cruise ship rides discounted for military service members

Disney Cruises

Disney cruises are a popular option for families looking for a vacation. Their cruises offer something for everyone, with activities and attractions for kids and adults. Disney Cruise Line is an auxiliary of The Walt […]

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red Play neon light signage from gamestop


Gaming is a great way to blow off steam, especially if you have a high-stress job. You can kick back, relax and join your friends (or not) getting lost in your favorite games for hours, […]

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traveling while in the military


Traveling is expensive, whether you’re going alone, with family, or with friends. Not only that, but booking flights, cars, and hotels can get exhausting. You’re busy enough with your work to add any extra tasks! […]