For those serving ‍in the military, every bit of savings can make a difference. To show‌ gratitude⁤ for their service and sacrifice, many businesses offer special discounts to‍ active duty service members, veterans, and their families. ​One such business that acknowledges this brave set of individuals is the National‌ Tire and Battery (NTB) chain, which provides ​a military discount to all eligible ​customers.

NTB ⁢is a ‍renowned, large-scale tire ⁤and automotive service ⁣center providing an array of services ‌across the United States. This reputable ⁣company⁢ offers everything ⁣from⁢ routine car checks⁤ to in-depth⁣ vehicle maintenance.‌ Whether you need a standard oil change, new brakes,‌ or a full set of fresh tires, NTB ‍is‍ a one-stop shop for ‌all your vehicle upkeep needs. What’s more,⁢ they carry a vast selection of name-brand tires, ensuring suitable options for every make ⁤and model of vehicle. All services and products are provided by a well-trained and friendly staff, and quality is always ⁤at the forefront of their operation.

In appreciation of the military personnel who ‌safeguard our country, NTB offers a military discount on​ their services ⁤and ‌products. The​ exact ​percentage may vary from location to location,⁢ but is typically around a generous 10%. ‍To⁤ claim this discount, all you need to ⁤do is present a valid military ID at the time‌ of⁢ purchase.⁣ So, whether ⁣you are ​currently serving, ⁤a veteran, or⁢ a military family⁣ member, you‍ can enjoy substantial savings‍ on your vehicle maintenance costs at NTB. Just​ another ⁢way businesses like NTB say ‘thank you’ to the⁤ brave men and women who⁤ serve our great nation.

Q: What is the NTB military ⁤discount?

A: The NTB military discount is a discount program offered by the National Tire and Battery (NTB) to active-duty,⁣ reserve and retired members of ⁣the US military. This includes veterans‍ and their immediate family members.

Q:⁣ How ⁤much discount can one get using the NTB military discount?

A: The discount percentage may ⁤vary. The most ‍typical offer‌ is a 10% discount, but it is recommended to check directly with NTB for the current⁢ offerings.

Q: ​Does ‌the military discount apply‌ to all NTB services?

A: Generally, the military ‍discount applies to all regular-priced services and products available ⁣at NTB. ⁢However, you ⁢should always check the terms and​ conditions in-store for any specific​ exclusions.

Q: How ⁣can I avail of the NTB military discount?

A: To avail ⁤of ​the discount, you should present a valid military​ identification at the time of purchase.

Q: ⁢Is the NTB military discount applicable ​at⁢ all NTB locations?

A: Yes, the military discount ‍is applicable at​ all NTB‍ locations across the U.S.

Q: Can the NTB military ⁤discount‌ be combined with ⁢other NTB discounts?

A: Generally, ⁤the military discount cannot‌ be ‍combined with other promotional offers. Always check with the store⁢ for⁣ their specific policies.

Q: Does the NTB military discount apply ‌to online purchases?

A: Currently, ‍the discount is only applicable to in-store purchases; online transactions are not eligible⁢ unless‌ otherwise stated by NTB.

Q:⁢ Who qualifies for‍ the NTB military⁣ discount?

A: Active-duty members, reserve members, retired service‍ members, ‍veterans, and their ‌immediate family members ⁢qualify for the NTB military discount.

Q: Are ⁢dependents of military personnel eligible ​for‌ NTB’s military discount?

A: Yes, dependents of military⁣ personnel such as⁣ spouses or children are eligible ​for the discount, provided⁢ they have valid ‌military ‍identification.