If you ‌are a member of the military, it’s always great to find companies that offer discounts as a token of appreciation for your service. One such company that honors ⁣military personnel is ⁢Keen, which‌ provides outdoor‍ footwear,​ clothing, and accessories. Keen‌ recognizes ⁤the sacrifices⁢ made by our brave military ⁤members and gladly⁢ offers them a ​special military ⁢discount. By extending this discount, ​Keen offers a way for military personnel to enjoy their high-quality products while saving‌ some money in the process.

Keen is an innovative company that specializes in ⁣providing‍ outdoor gear​ that is durable, comfortable, and designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. From hiking ​boots​ to sandals to waterproof socks, Keen has a⁢ wide range of‌ products to cater to various outdoor activities.⁢ Their products are known for their exceptional performance and attention to detail. With a focus on⁢ both functionality⁤ and style,⁤ Keen ensures that military personnel can enjoy their outdoor​ adventures in comfort ‍and with confidence.

To avail of ⁣the Keen military discount, follow a few ⁤simple steps. First, visit ‌the ⁢official Keen website and browse their collection of products. Once you⁤ have chosen the items you wish to ⁣purchase, proceed to the checkout⁤ page. At the‌ bottom of the page, you will⁢ find a section to enter promo codes or discounts.⁢ Look for ⁣the​ option to apply a military discount,⁣ and click on it. You will be prompted to verify your military ⁢status through an online verification system, such‌ as​ Once ⁢your status is verified, the discount will ​be automatically ⁣applied, and you can enjoy the benefits ‍of the Keen military discount on your purchase. It’s a straightforward process that allows military personnel to ‍take advantage of the special discount with ease.


Q:⁤ What is​ the “Keen military discount?”

A:‌ The “Keen military⁤ discount”​ is a ⁤special program offered by the popular outdoor footwear‌ brand,⁢ Keen, exclusively⁣ for military personnel.

Q:‍ Who is eligible for the Keen military ​discount?

A:​ Active-duty ‍military members, veterans, retirees, reservists, and their immediate family members ​are eligible for the Keen military discount. It extends its gratitude to⁣ all those who have bravely served⁢ our ⁤country.

Q: What benefits does the⁤ Keen ​military discount​ offer?

A: The Keen military discount provides a generous 15% off all purchases made on the Keen website. This discount can ⁤be applied to any Keen product, regardless of​ whether⁤ it’s footwear, apparel, or accessories.

Q: How can military personnel redeem the Keen military ⁢discount?

A: To take advantage⁤ of the Keen military discount,⁢ military personnel need to verify their status through a ⁢ simple online‍ verification process.⁣ Once ‍completed, ⁣they will receive‍ a unique⁣ promo code that ⁢can be entered during ‍the checkout process on the Keen website ‍to apply ‌the discount.

Q: ⁤Can the Keen ⁣military discount be used⁣ in physical retail stores?

A: No, the​ Keen military discount is ⁤exclusively for online purchases made through the official Keen website. The discount is not applicable in any physical retail‍ stores.

Q: Is the Keen military discount stackable​ with other discounts ​or promotions?

A: Unfortunately, ‌the Keen⁣ military discount cannot‍ be ⁣combined with other discounts, ‌promotions, or coupon codes. However, it still ​provides​ a significant saving on every purchase.

Q: How often can military personnel use the Keen military discount?

A: Military personnel can use the Keen military discount on every purchase they make. There are no limitations or restrictions on the frequency of using the discount.

Q: Does the⁤ Keen military discount ​have an ​expiration date?

A: The Keen military discount does not⁢ have an expiration date. As of now, it is an ongoing‌ program, allowing military personnel to enjoy the discount indefinitely.

Q: ⁢Does the⁢ Keen military discount offer free shipping?

A: While the Keen military discount does not⁣ automatically include free shipping, Keen‍ frequently ‌offers free shipping promotions that can be combined with the ⁣military discount for additional savings. It’s always a​ good idea ⁢to keep an eye ​out for such offers.

Q: Are dependents of military⁢ personnel eligible for the Keen military discount⁤ if the servicemember is not making ⁢the purchase?

A: Yes,⁤ dependents⁢ of‌ military personnel are eligible for the‌ Keen military discount, even if they are making ⁢the purchase on their own. As long as they‍ can provide the⁣ required verification documents, they can⁤ enjoy the benefit of the discount.

Q: Can the Keen military discount be used for international orders?

A: Yes, ⁣the Keen military⁣ discount ⁤is available for​ international orders placed on the Keen website. Military personnel stationed‌ overseas can take advantage of this ⁤special discount program.

Remember,‍ if you ⁢have any ⁤further⁢ questions or need assistance with the Keen military discount, don’t hesitate⁢ to reach out ​to Keen’s customer service, ​and they will be happy⁤ to⁢ help!‍