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Are you actively serving ⁢in the military, a veteran, or a dependent of one? If so, then⁣ appreciates your service and is eager to ⁣give back to ‍you ⁤in its ⁤own small way. They are ​proud to offer an exclusive military discount ⁤that will make ‍your vacation or travel ​plans a little lighter on the pocket. ​This ⁤is just one ‌of the ways salutes your bravery and enthusiasm ⁢while safeguarding the nation.

Operating ⁢as one of the ⁣premier online‍ accommodation booking platforms, offers an exhaustive selection​ of ⁤hotels in more than ‌200 countries. They ⁢are able to provide⁢ their customers⁢ with ‌numerous choices,‍ extending from major⁣ hotel chains and all-inclusive resorts to local ‌favorites and⁣ bed & breakfasts. With their price guarantee, you can ⁢be sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. Their mission⁤ is to provide⁣ the perfect ⁢stay for every‌ customer, ⁤every time, along with ​the convenience of online booking.‌

Now, ⁢let’s‌ talk about the‌ exclusive military discount.⁢ has partnered with ‍to⁤ provide ⁤a 10% discount specifically for active military‌ personnel, veterans, and their dependents ‌as a⁢ thank you for their service. To get this discount, simply go to ‌and‍ scroll to the bottom page and find the “Military Discount” ‍link under the “Savings” category.⁣ This ⁤will take you to a ⁤page where you must⁢ verify your military status ⁢through​,​ a secure ‍identity⁤ platform. Once you’re verified, the⁢ discount⁣ can be applied at checkout. Remember, ⁢the discount isn’t ‍combinable⁢ with other ⁣promotions, so if there are other bigger ongoing sales, you might want⁣ to grab ‍those ⁤deals. Regardless, it’s’s ongoing commitment to honoring military personnel and their families.

Q: What is the “Hotels Com military​ discount”?
A: It’s‌ a ​special discount offered ‍by ​, a ‌leading online ‌accommodation ⁣site, specially catered ⁢to ⁢the military ⁢personnel. It’s their way of saying thank you⁤ for the ‌exemplary service‌ that these individuals provide for the country.

Q: Who is eligible ‌for the⁤ Hotels Com military discount?
A: ⁢Active ⁣military personnel,​ veterans,‍ retired​ military, as well as immediate family members ‌of these ​individuals⁢ are eligible to ‌avail the military discount offered by

Q: How much can⁣ I save with this ​discount? ‌
A: Although the discount amount may vary, some offers provide up to⁤ 10% off on hotel‌ bookings.⁢ It’s a significant saving that can greatly help ‍in‌ travel expenses.

Q:⁢ How can I avail of the ‍Hotels​ Com ‌military discount?
A: It’s quite simple. You’ll need to verify your military status through, which is a trusted third-party verification⁢ service. Once your status is ​verified, ⁤the discount will⁤ be ​made available‍ to you during the checkout process at

Q: Is the Hotels Com⁢ military discount offered worldwide?
A: Yes,‍ the discount is not‍ limited to any ⁤specific location. Regardless of the destination, military personnel can benefit from this exclusive offer.

Q: Can I use​ the military‍ discount along with other promotions⁣ or ​discounts?
A: It usually depends upon the terms and conditions of​ While ordinarily, discounts are ​not combinable, it’s best to⁤ check‍ the specific rules applicable to the military discount during your booking process.

Q: How often can I use the Hotels⁣ Com⁣ Military ‌discount?
A: There’s ‍no limit. You can avail the military ⁤discount every ‍time you​ book a stay‌ through, as long as you ‍meet⁢ the ⁣eligibility criteria.

Q: What if I ⁢encounter issues with the military discount?
A: In case of ⁢any problems, ‍you​ can get in touch⁤ with’s customer⁤ service, who are‍ always ready to assist ‌and​ help resolve any issues you may have.