Nowadays, it’s more important⁤ than ever to incorporate sustainability into our daily lives. Enter Prana, a brand that​ not only offers ‍military personnel especially affordable prices, but also stands behind a serious commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. As a gesture ⁣of its gratitude for the service and sacrifice ⁢of military personnel, Prana extends an exclusive military discount as part of its overall⁤ efforts to inspire mindful choices, love for the outdoors, and⁣ an active lifestyle.

Prana is primarily a clothing company acclaimed ⁤for its eco-friendly practices and commitment to sustainable ⁢materials. Functionality and versatility are embodied in its ​broad range of⁤ products, featuring everything from outdoor wear ⁤and fitness ⁤gear to casual clothing. With Prana, customers can choose ⁤from men’s and women’s activewear, travel-friendly style, ⁣yoga wear, swimwear, and ‍accessories. The company demonstrates their dedication to the environment by ‍utilizing recycled materials and also assists‍ customers in making earth-friendly choices by offering responsible packaging options. Furthermore, Prana’s commitment to fair trade practices means every piece they sell is produced under ethical working conditions.

To get your Prana military discount, all you need to do‌ is verify your military status. If you are active military, a retiree, veteran, or military spouse ​or ‍dependent, you are eligible. Start by creating a Prana account or logging into your ⁤existing one. Afterwards, the verification process can be completed by clicking on‌ the ⁣corresponding military link on the Prana website. Once your status has​ been confirmed, your military discount will be automatically applied‌ to every purchase you make, ⁢whether in-store or online. ‍So not only can ⁣you buy apparel that inspires a healthier, active lifestyle and supports sustainability, but you can do so at a discounted⁢ price​ as a thank you⁣ for your service.

Q: What is the Prana military discount?
A: The Prana military discount is a special discount offered by Prana, a clothing and lifestyle brand,‌ as a⁤ way to show gratitude to active duty military personnel, veterans, and military family members.

Q: How much discount can I get​ as military personnel?
A: If you’re a member of the military, you can ⁣receive a 10% discount off full-price items at Prana.

Q: How⁢ can I be eligible for the Prana military discount?
A: You’re eligible if ‍you are an active duty military⁤ personnel, a reservist, a retired or disabled veteran, dependent spouses or dependent children of active duty military personnel.

Q: How do I prove my military status to receive the Prana military discount?
A: Prana verifies military status through You would need to create an account and verify your military status through their platform.

Q: How⁢ do I apply this discount when making a purchase at Prana?
A: After verifying your status‍ through, you can apply the discount at the checkout stage when making a purchase. The discount will be automatically applied once you’ve been verified through your account.

Q: Is the Prana military discount valid on all products?
A: The discount applies to ⁣full-price items. It does not apply on sale items, gift cards, or combined with other offers.

Q: Can I use the Prana military discount on⁤ online purchases?
A: Yes, the Prana military discount is available both in-store and ⁣online. Simply ⁢verify your status through and the⁢ discount will be applied at checkout.

Q: Can family members of the military⁢ also⁣ avail of‍ Prana’s military discount?
A: Yes, Prana extends its military discount to dependent spouses and dependent children of active duty military personnel.

Q: Does Prana offer⁣ the military⁣ discount all year round?
A: Yes, the‍ Prana military discount is available throughout the year. ‌However, it’s always a good idea to check⁢ the Prana website or contact their ​customer service for any changes to this policy.