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⁣ Fleet Feet Sports is​ a ⁣wonderful place to find all your running and athletic​ needs, and what’s even⁢ better ⁣is that they offer a fantastic military discount. Whether⁢ you’re an active-duty ‍service member, a veteran, or ​part of a ‌military family, Fleet‍ Feet wants to show their‌ appreciation ⁤for your service ⁢by providing ⁤a special ⁢discount to⁢ help you ‌pursue your fitness goals. So, ⁢let’s dive in and explore how you ‍can take advantage of ⁢this amazing offer!

Fleet Feet Sports ‍is⁤ a ⁣leading retailer specializing in‌ running shoes, apparel, and ⁤accessories. Their extensive range of ‌products ‌caters to runners of all levels, ensuring you can find the ‌perfect gear to enhance your performance and overall comfort. From top-notch running shoes with various brands and models to moisture-wicking shirts ​and compression socks, Fleet Feet has everything a runner needs to‍ tackle those extra ‍miles. The knowledgeable staff at Fleet Feet can guide you through the fitting process ‍to help you find the ideal ​shoes that match ‌your foot shape and‍ running style, ensuring you enjoy​ every step of your running journey.

To ⁢receive the Fleet Feet military discount, you‍ simply need to show a valid military ID ‍at any participating Fleet ‌Feet Sports location. This ⁣includes not only ⁣active-duty members but ⁢veterans and military family members as well. The discount can be applied to a wide⁤ range of products, including shoes, apparel, and accessories. Fleet Feet wants to make sure you have access to the best⁢ gear‌ without breaking the bank, ‍so this discount is their way of‍ saying ⁤thank you for your service. ​If you ⁢prefer ⁤to shop online, you ⁣can also take advantage of the military discount by ⁣entering the promo code provided during checkout.

Next ​time you’re looking for running shoes or gear, don’t forget to visit Fleet Feet Sports and take advantage‌ of their military discount. They have a wide variety of products to​ suit all your fitness needs,⁤ whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting your running journey. With their friendly staff and expert advice, you ‌can trust Fleet Feet to provide you with ⁤top-notch⁤ service.⁤ So, lace up your shoes,‌ head to Fleet Feet, and let them help you hit the ground running!


Q: What is the Fleet Feet military discount?
A: The​ Fleet‌ Feet military discount is‍ a special promotion ⁣that​ offers ​exclusive savings to active duty, retired, and veteran⁣ members of ‌the ⁢military.

Q: Who ​is eligible for the ‍Fleet Feet military discount?
A: The Fleet Feet military‍ discount is available to all military personnel, including active duty, retired, and veteran members ‍of ⁣the United States Armed Forces.

Q: ⁤How ⁤much discount do military members receive?
A: Military members can enjoy a generous 15% discount⁣ on their purchases at Fleet ⁢Feet. This discount applies to a ‍wide range of products, ​including athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories.

Q: How do I redeem the‍ military discount at Fleet Feet?
A: To‍ redeem the military discount, simply⁢ present​ your military ID or proof of service at any participating Fleet Feet store.⁣ The discount ‍will⁢ be⁣ applied to your total purchase amount.

Q: Can the military discount be combined with‍ other promotions or offers?
A: Yes, the⁢ Fleet ​Feet military discount can be combined with other ongoing promotions, ‌allowing you to maximize your savings.

Q: Are there any exclusions or ⁢limitations to the military discount?
A: The military ‌discount ​is not valid on certain brands or products that may be excluded from promotional offers.‍ However, the discount ‍is applicable ⁤to a vast‍ majority of items in-store.

Q: Can family members of military‍ personnel also benefit⁣ from ​the discount?
A: While the military⁣ discount is⁤ primarily designed for ‌military personnel themselves,⁤ some⁤ Fleet Feet locations may‌ extend the⁢ offer to family members⁣ of‌ military members. It is advisable to inquire with your local store for further details.

Q: Is⁤ the military discount available ‍online?
A: Yes,⁢ the Fleet Feet ⁢military discount can also be redeemed online. Simply enter⁣ the⁤ provided discount ⁢code during ‍the checkout process on the⁢ Fleet⁢ Feet ‍website to apply the⁣ savings.

Q: ⁢Are there any limitations on the ⁤number of times the military discount can be used?
A: ⁣No, there are no ‍limitations on the⁤ number of times the military⁢ discount can be used. Military members can take advantage ‍of this special ​offer⁣ every time they ‌shop at Fleet Feet.

Q: ‌Is this⁤ discount available at all Fleet⁣ Feet locations?
A: While the ⁣military discount is⁤ generally available at most Fleet Feet ⁤locations, it is always best to check with your local store to ensure they participate ‍in the program⁣ and for⁣ specific details regarding the discount’s scope.

We hope this Q&A has provided you with all ‌the necessary information about the Fleet Feet military discount. If you ​have any more questions, feel free to ‌contact your nearest Fleet Feet store ‌for further assistance. Thank you for your service! ⁣