Have you heard‍ about the fantastic deals ‍offers to military personnel? As a small gesture of gratitude⁣ for the immense sacrifices​ and courage shown daily by our ⁤military, provides a military discount. Whether‍ it’s a vacation with family, a solo trip, or⁤ even a staycation, the discount⁤ comes handy for military members looking to make their stay as economical as possible. It’s’s way of giving back to the ⁢heroes who keep us⁤ safe day after day. is a ​leading ⁤digital travel platform that⁤ has made traveling easier and a whole lot fun through their services. They break barriers by bridging ⁣tourists and hosts, ‌providing an ‌advanced yet user-friendly platform where you can⁣ book accommodations, flights, car rentals, tours, and ⁣much more hassle-free. With a mission⁢ to make it easier for⁣ individuals to experience the world, has catered to billions of customers across the⁣ globe. It ⁢enables people‍ to discover ‍and book an extensive range of destinations, from hotels and apartments to glamping sites and⁣ luxury resorts.

The ⁤military⁢ discount is only available to eligible military personnel including active duty, veterans, and dependents. To take advantage‌ of this wonderful offer, ⁤you must⁤ first be verified. This ⁣process involves providing military documentation to⁤ verify your status.⁢ Verification can be done on⁤ the website or app. Once you’ve been confirmed as a member of ⁣the armed forces, the military discount ⁢will automatically⁤ be applied to your future bookings. ⁢appreciates‍ our military men and women and this discount is a thanks ‌for their valiant service and sacrifice. So, go ahead and plan ⁣your dream⁤ trip without burning a hole in ⁣your pocket, thanks to’s military discount.
Q: What‌ is the Booking.Com military discount?
A: The military discount is a special discount offered by to active duty military personnel,​ veterans, and military families as a way ‌of expressing gratitude for their service.

Q: How significant is the military⁤ discount‌ that provides?
A: The exact discount rates can vary depending on the hotel, location, and time ​of booking. It’s recommended to check the details directly on the website or contact​ their customer service⁤ for the⁣ most accurate information.

Q: How can I avail the military ‌discount⁤ on
A: To avail the military discount, you would need to verify your military status during the ‌booking process.⁤ This ⁤usually involves providing⁢ a copy of your military ID, DD214, or other proof of service.

Q: Does the military discount apply to all ⁤hotels booked ‌on
A: The military discount usually⁤ applies ⁢to most hotels, but there might be ​some exceptions. Hotels have the right to choose⁣ whether they offer this discount or not. Always check the hotel’s discount⁢ policy or contact the hotel directly to inquire.

Q: Can I combine the⁤ military discount‌ with other discounts or promotions‍ on
A: Typically, does⁣ not allow customers ⁤to combine multiple discounts. However, terms and conditions can vary, so ⁤it’s recommended to review the details of the offer or reach out to’s customer service.

Q: What happens if I cancel my ‌military ​discount booking?
A: ​’s​ standard cancellation policy will apply. Depending on the terms of your booking, you ‌may or may not be entitled to a full or partial refund. Always check the terms and conditions of your reservation.

Q: ⁣Is the military discount available for international hotel bookings?
A: International hotel bookings can sometimes be eligible for​ the military discount. ⁤However, it’s best to check⁢ directly with the ⁣specific hotel or to determine what discounts apply.

Q: Are there any other benefits for military members on
A: Apart ⁢from the military discount, also offers ⁣helpful travel features like price watches and flexible booking options. From time‌ to time,‌ they may have additional promotions or exclusive deals for military members.

Q: Can I avail the military discount without⁣ a Booking.Com account?
A: Yes, you can avail the military discount even without a account.⁤ However, creating an account can make your booking process easier and provide you with access to‍ more‍ benefits⁢ and deals.