Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee

If you’re a coffee enthusiast and a supporter of the military, ⁢then Black Rifle Coffee may be the perfect choice for you. Not only does this ⁣company offer a wide range of delicious coffee products, ⁤but they also provide a generous military discount. Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-owned and operated business that aims to provide high-quality coffee to fellow patriots across the country. They take‍ pride in their commitment to the military community and express their gratitude by offering‍ a special discount to those who have ⁤served or are currently serving.

Black Rifle Coffee is not ⁤your typical coffee company. Founded by Evan Hafer, a U.S. Army veteran, Black Rifle Coffee focuses on roasting and delivering premium coffee to their customers. They source their coffee ‌beans from the best locations around the world and carefully craft unique blends that cater to various taste⁢ preferences. From dark roasts to​ lighter options, they have something to⁢ suit every coffee lover’s palate. Additionally, Black Rifle Coffee offers a range of other products, including apparel, outdoor gear, and even coffee-inspired accessories.

Obtaining the Black Rifle⁣ Coffee military discount is a simple and straightforward process. To benefit from this offer, eligible customers⁣ need to verify their military or veteran⁤ status through the company’s website. Once verified,⁣ individuals can create an account and enjoy a 15% discount on​ all Black Rifle ​Coffee products. The discount‍ can⁤ be ‍applied to every purchase and is available ‌not only to active-duty military personnel but also to‍ veterans, reservists, and their ‍spouses. Black Rifle Coffee’s military discount‍ is a wonderful ​way to show appreciation for those who have served or are ⁢currently serving ⁢our country while enjoying a great cup of coffee.


Q: What is the​ military discount offered by Black Rifle Coffee?

A: Black Rifle ‌Coffee proudly⁢ offers a military discount as a token of appreciation for our‌ servicemen and women. ⁢It provides a special ​discount on our wide range of coffee products exclusively for military personnel.

Q: Who ⁤is eligible for Black Rifle Coffee’s military discount?

A: Active-duty military personnel, veterans, retirees, and their immediate family members are eligible for the⁤ military discount offered by Black‍ Rifle Coffee. This includes all branches of the United States Armed Forces.

Q: How ⁤can I access the military discount?

A: To access the military discount, you will need to verify your military affiliation or status ‌through our online verification process. Simply visit ‌our website and ⁢follow the prompts to complete the verification. Once approved, ​you can enjoy the discounted pricing on our website.

Q: Can⁢ family members of military personnel also benefit from the discount?

A: Yes, immediate family members of military personnel are also eligible for the⁣ military discount at Black‌ Rifle Coffee. Immediate family members include spouses and dependent children.

Q: What is the discount percentage offered ​to military personnel?

A: At ‍Black Rifle Coffee, we offer a generous 15%‍ discount on our products for military personnel⁣ and their families. This discount applies to all our coffee blends, merchandise, ‌and accessories available for purchase on our website.

Q: Is the military discount only available online?

A: Yes, currently, the military discount offered by Black Rifle Coffee is exclusively available for online purchases. You can enjoy the⁢ discount by⁣ placing orders directly ‍through our​ website, where you will find a wide selection of coffee products to choose from.

Q: Are there any restrictions ‌or‍ limitations‌ to the military discount?

A: While the military discount is incredibly valuable, there are a few limitations‌ to keep in mind. The discount cannot be combined with any other promotions, discounts, ⁢or offers. Additionally, it is⁣ not applicable to previous purchases or gift cards.

Q: Is the military discount available internationally?

A: Yes, Black Rifle Coffee’s military discount is available to ‍military personnel⁢ stationed internationally. As long ⁣as you can access our website and complete the verification process, you can take advantage of the discount, regardless of your location.

Q: How often can I‌ use ‍the military discount?

A: The military discount at Black Rifle Coffee ​can be used⁣ for every qualifying purchase you make on our website. There is no limit to the number of times you can use the discount, so feel free to take⁣ advantage of it whenever‍ you restock your coffee supply or wish to try a new blend.

Q: Can I share the military discount with my⁤ fellow military ⁤friends?

A: Unfortunately, the military discount offered by Black Rifle Coffee is⁤ non-transferable and intended for personal use by verified military personnel and their immediate families. Sharing ⁣or reselling the discount​ code violates the terms and conditions.