Are you ⁣a⁤ military service member or ‍veteran? If‌ so,‌ you’ll be thrilled to⁤ know that Aerie, ​the popular ​American lingerie ‍and⁣ loungewear retailer, offers a fantastic military discount. ⁣So, indulge in some well-deserved retail therapy and‌ treat yourself to trendy, ⁤comfortable underwear and activewear while saving some money!

Aerie is much more than just a lingerie store. ‌It provides a welcoming and inclusive space for people of all ⁢body⁢ types to embrace their individuality and⁢ find clothing that makes them feel confident and comfortable. Aerie offers a wide selection of products, including bras, underwear, loungewear, activewear, and swimwear. Their lingerie‍ collections‌ are known‌ for their inclusive range of sizes, catering⁣ to diverse body types.⁢ Moreover, Aerie promotes body positivity through their⁢ #AerieREAL ⁤campaign, featuring unretouched ‌images of models to encourage self-acceptance.

Obtaining the Aerie military discount is straightforward. All you need​ to do⁢ is ⁤present a valid military ⁤ID at the checkout counter of‍ any Aerie store, ensuring that⁤ the cashier is aware of your military status. Alternatively, if you prefer shopping online from ‌the comfort of your home, visit the Aerie​ website and provide the necessary information to verify your military affiliation. Once⁢ verified, you’ll ‍be able to enjoy a percentage off your ‌purchase. It’s a small token of appreciation for the sacrifices you have⁣ made for our nation, so go‌ ahead and ⁣take ‍advantage‍ of this⁢ fantastic offer!


Q: What is the Aerie military discount?
A: ​The Aerie military discount is a special offer provided by⁢ Aerie, a popular American clothing retailer, exclusively for active duty military personnel and veterans. It allows them to enjoy a discount ⁤on their purchases at Aerie stores or online.

Q: How‍ much is the discount?
A: The Aerie military discount offers a generous⁢ 10%⁣ off on​ all eligible purchases. This⁢ discount is‍ applicable not only to regular-priced items but ⁢also for any ongoing sales or ⁢promotions.

Q: Who ‌is eligible for the ⁤Aerie military discount?
A: Active duty‌ military personnel, including members ‍of the⁤ Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast⁤ Guard, and Marines, as well ⁢as veterans, are eligible for the​ Aerie military discount. Spouses and dependents of military​ personnel may also qualify, but it’s always recommended to check with ‍Aerie for the specific⁣ eligibility criteria.

Q: How can military ‍personnel take‍ advantage of this discount?
A: To benefit from the Aerie⁣ military discount, military personnel can simply show ​a ​valid‍ military ID, veteran ID, or any other form of proof of service at the checkout while making a purchase at any Aerie store. For online purchases, they may be‌ required to verify their military status through a verification platform such as

Q: Can the Aerie military‌ discount be combined with other offers?
A:⁣ Yes, the Aerie military discount can be combined with other ⁣ongoing sales, promotions, or Aerie ⁢Rewards,⁢ allowing military personnel to enjoy even more savings on their purchases.

Q: Is the Aerie military discount available every⁣ day?
A: Yes, ‌the Aerie military discount is available every ‍day, all year round, ensuring that military personnel and veterans can⁣ take advantage ​of this special⁣ offer‌ anytime they shop at Aerie.

Q: Can ‍the Aerie military ‍discount be used online?
A: Absolutely! The Aerie military discount extends to online purchases made ⁣through the Aerie website.⁤ During the checkout process, military personnel will need ‍to verify their military ⁣status with a verification platform, such as, ⁣to apply the discount.

Q: Are there any exclusions⁣ or limitations with the Aerie military ​discount?
A: The Aerie military⁤ discount is generally applicable to‌ most items ​available in-store and online. However, certain restrictions may apply to select products, so ⁣it’s always worthwhile ⁣to review the terms and conditions or ‌reach out to ‌Aerie’s customer service for more details.

Q: Is⁢ the Aerie military discount available for ‌international military personnel?
A: Currently, the Aerie military discount⁤ is‌ available only to ‌military personnel, veterans, and their families who are based ⁢in the United⁤ States.⁤ International⁢ military personnel ‌may ​not be eligible for this particular ‍discount. However, Aerie does offer international shipping to many⁢ countries.

Q: Can military personnel‍ share their discount with others?
A: The Aerie military‌ discount is⁣ intended for the personal ​use of ⁢military personnel, veterans, and their families. It may not be ⁢transferred or shared with⁣ others unless ⁣explicitly mentioned in Aerie’s terms⁣ and conditions.