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Xfinity is a premium cable provider that offers affordable and high-speed internet. Their services are available to eligible veterans and low-income households through internet essentials from Comcast. They provide the internet without asking for a credit check, installation fee, or term contract. Xfinity provides internet to military veterans, retirees, National Guard members, reservists, and active military personnel. Internet Essentials from Comcast offers low cost internet to veterans and households who are in need of affordable internet. 

You can save up to 30% using a military discount on the right site. Once you’ve gone through the verification process, you’ll be free to access Xfinity services in any state or city within the United States and other areas with Xfinity. Military family members or military customers enjoy a package of 15/2 Mbps for only $.95 per month, in-home Wi-Fi at no charge. There’s also an extra 40 hours of Xfinity Hotspot every 30 days.

How To Get The Xfinity Military Discount

To receive your Xfinity military discount, you’ll need to prove your affiliation and be eligible. If you’re already a member, you can log into your Xfinity account and get verified instantly. To qualify for Xfinity military discount, you also need Internet Essentials, including proof of service and financial aid. You also shouldn’t have an outstanding debt to Comcast that’s less than a year old. Lastly, you must be a low income veteran currently receiving federal or state aid.

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