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Military personnel work harder than many of us, which means you also need to file taxes once a year. While this task is dreaded by some and might seem tedious, it doesn’t have to be! Thanks to the ever-evolving technology we’re so fortunate to have access to, taxes are becoming much less of a major event than they have in the past.

TurboTax is an online tax preparation software that aims to make the lives of taxpayers easier. Their intuitive platform makes filing taxes as simple as clicking a few buttons, saving busy military personnel precious time and resources. When your job entails the country counting on you to do your best, you deserve a break wherever you can get one!

How To Get The TurboTax Military Discount

TurboTax recognizes the hard work of our nation’s military service members, and thinks you deserve a reward for all you do. That’s why active duty and reservists can file their taxes for FREE with several of TurboTax’s premium products! To claim your free filing, simply go to this page and click on the “get started” button. 

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