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pair of gray running shoes from zappos


Being a busy military employee likely means you’re likely on your feet quite a bit. Whether this is a good experience for your feet or not comes down to one important detail: the quality of […]

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att military discount


Staying in touch with loved ones is especially important when you’re frequently away from home, so ensuring your service doesn’t let you down is essential. On top of that, you want to stay connected to […]

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military person wearing brown-and-black leather duck boots standing on brown wooden dock

LL Bean

Time at home or doing things you enjoy is even more valuable when you have a high-demand job. You deserve to treat yourself to things you enjoy, whether that means buying something nice for yourself, […]

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cars parked in front of store during daytime


Staying connected is a priority for most people, but for those of you who spend significant time away from loved ones, it’s even more important. Then there’s the matter of reception: it’s hard to find […]

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red love neon light signage for military tax


Military personnel work harder than many of us, which means you also need to file taxes once a year. While this task is dreaded by some and might seem tedious, it doesn’t have to be! […]

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H&R Block

Few things in life are more confusing, frustrating, and stressful than filing your taxes! Navigating this complex world is hard enough for the pros, so it can feel downright impossible when you’re an ordinary person […]

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These days, it seems like as soon as you purchase the latest smart device, a new one becomes available. While keeping current with technology is important for most people, having a job as important as […]

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military personnel in white and black whale tail in blue sea during daytime


SeaWorld, with headquarters in Orlando, Florida, is a popular marine-life theme park. It’s home to whales, dolphins, sharks, and many other aquatic creatures.  The park offers military discounts on tickets and annual passes through its […]

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military partying at night


Desperate to see your favorite rock band play next month? Trying to get court-side tickets to the game this weekend? Want to take your family to the theater production happening in town? Ticketmaster can help. […]