Orvis, a well-known and trusted ⁣brand, recognizes and ​appreciates the sacrifices made by our military personnel. To show their gratitude, they offer a military discount program that allows active‌ duty, retired, and veteran members of ⁤the armed forces to save on their high-quality outdoor apparel, gear, and accessories. This fantastic program is just a‍ small way the company honors and supports those ⁤who have served our country selflessly.

Orvis is a reputable company that specializes ‌in providing a wide range ​of top-notch​ products for ​outdoor enthusiasts. From fly⁤ fishing ​gear to hunting ⁢apparel, ​dog accessories, luggage, and home goods, Orvis caters to a variety of needs and interests. Known for their superior craftsmanship and⁤ attention to detail, Orvis products are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures while ensuring maximum comfort and functionality for their customers. ⁤With over​ 160 ⁣years of experience⁤ in the industry, Orvis is a trusted brand that customers can rely on.

To receive the Orvis military discount,‌ simply visit their website or go⁤ to one of⁤ their retail locations. Members of ​the military, including those who are currently serving, retired, or veterans, are eligible to participate ‍in this program. When making a purchase, military personnel need ⁤to provide proof of their military service, such as ‍a⁢ valid ‌military ID or a veteran ID card. Once verified, they can enjoy a special discount on their purchase, allowing‍ them to save while enjoying the exceptional quality and⁢ performance that Orvis products offer. Whether you’re planning a fishing trip ​or simply need outdoor gear and apparel, the​ Orvis military discount is a fantastic ‌opportunity ‌for military members to get the equipment they need at a more affordable price.


Q: What is the Orvis military discount?
A: The Orvis military discount⁤ is a special offer extended to active duty military personnel, veterans, retirees, and their immediate families. ⁢It allows them to enjoy a discounted price on certain products ‍at Orvis stores or on⁣ the Orvis website.

Q: How⁣ much is the​ military discount?
A: Orvis offers a 10% discount to those eligible for the‍ military discount. This discount applies to eligible online and in-store purchases. Please note that‍ some exclusions may apply, so it’s always⁢ best to check ⁢the specific​ terms and conditions.

Q: Who is eligible for the‌ Orvis military discount?
A: Active ⁤duty military personnel, veterans, retirees, and their immediate family members are eligible for the military discount. Immediate family members typically include ⁣spouses and children.

Q: How ⁢can I claim the military discount?
A: To claim ‍the Orvis military discount, you can either visit a physical Orvis store and present a valid military ID or call their customer service to place an order over the phone. When shopping online, you will need to verify your military status through a‍ trusted verification platform.

Q: Can ​the military discount be used​ online?
A: Yes, the military discount can be used online. When making a purchase on the Orvis website,⁣ eligible military personnel and their families can apply the discount code‍ during the checkout process.

Q: Are there⁢ any restrictions on the military discount?
A: While most products qualify for the military discount, there might be a few exceptions. Some merchandise, such as gift cards, outlet‍ items, firearms, and ⁣services, may not be eligible for the discount. Please check the terms and ⁢conditions or contact Orvis customer service for more information.

Q: Is the military discount available internationally?
A: Yes, ​the Orvis military discount ‌is available to eligible military personnel and their⁢ families worldwide, including those stationed overseas. ‌However, please note that shipping and other charges may vary depending on your location.

Q: Can the military discount be combined with ⁤other promotions?
A:⁤ Generally, the military discount cannot be combined ​with other promotions or discounts unless explicitly stated. It’s advisable ⁢to review the terms and conditions or contact ⁣Orvis customer service to clarify any restrictions ​beforehand.

Q: ⁢Does the​ military discount have an expiration date?
A: ​At the time of writing this article, there is no‌ specified expiration date for the Orvis military discount.‍ However,‍ it is subject to change or discontinuation at the discretion of Orvis. We recommend contacting Orvis or ⁣visiting their website for⁤ the most up-to-date information⁢ regarding the military discount.

Q: Is the military discount applicable to all Orvis products?
A: While the military discount is applicable⁤ to a wide range⁢ of products, there may ⁣be some exceptions. It’s always wise to review⁣ the terms and conditions or reach out‍ to‍ Orvis customer service for specific information on which items are eligible for the military discount.