Ocean Breeze Waterpark

Ocean Breeze Waterpark

Are you a military‍ service member or a ⁣veteran looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your free ‍time? Look no further! Ocean⁤ Breeze‌ is here to‌ help you unwind and⁣ create incredible memories. Ocean Breeze is a family-friendly water park located in ⁣Virginia⁢ Beach, Virginia, offering a wide range of thrilling water attractions and activities. And the best part? They offer a fantastic military discount to show​ their ‍appreciation for our ‌brave service members.

Ocean Breeze offers a ‌little something for everyone. Whether you are ⁣a thrill-seeker craving the adrenaline rush of water slides or someone who prefers⁢ to relax⁣ in a lazy river, this water park has it all. With attractions such ⁤as the Mega-Hurricane, featuring‌ plunging drops and twists, or ​the Buccaneer Bay wave pool that guarantees endless fun, there is never a dull moment at Ocean Breeze. The park also includes a separate area for younger children with water features specifically designed for their safety and enjoyment.

How To Get The Ocean Breeze Waterpark Military Discount

Getting the Ocean Breeze military discount is a breeze! All⁢ active-duty service members, veterans, and their immediate families can enjoy a discount on admission tickets. Simply show your⁤ military ID or other proof ⁣of service at the ticket booth, and‌ you will receive a reduced price. This discount not only allows military families to enjoy a day of fun but also serves as a token of appreciation for their dedication and⁤ sacrifice. So gather your loved ones, head over to Ocean Breeze, and make lasting memories⁢ while keeping⁣ your wallet happy.


Q: What is the Ocean Breeze military discount?
A: The Ocean Breeze‍ military discount ⁢is a special offer exclusively available to members ⁤of the military and their families. It provides them with ‍discounted admission rates‌ to enjoy the park’s attractions and facilities.

Q: Who is eligible for the Ocean Breeze military discount?
A: All active-duty ⁢military personnel, veterans, retired ⁤military, National Guard, reserves,⁤ and their immediate family members are eligible for the Ocean Breeze military ⁤discount. Proper identification, such as a military ID or veteran ID card,⁢ is required ‍to avail of this discount.

Q: How much ⁢is the‌ discount?
A: The Ocean​ Breeze military discount offers a significant reduction in admission prices. Specific details about the discount ⁢amount can be obtained by contacting the park directly or visiting their official website.

Q:⁢ What attractions ⁣and facilities does the Ocean Breeze military discount cover?
A: The Ocean Breeze ⁢military discount applies to all attractions, rides, and entertainment options provided by the park. This ‌includes thrilling water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, kiddie areas, and much more!

Q: Can I purchase the discounted tickets online?
A: Yes, definitely! The Ocean Breeze military discount can often be⁢ purchased online through their official website or other authorized ticket vendors. It is ⁣advisable to‌ check the park’s website‌ to ensure availability and receive any specific instructions for online purchases.

Q: Are there any limitations ‍or restrictions​ associated​ with the Ocean Breeze military discount?
A: As with any discount program, there might be certain ⁤limitations or restrictions. It is recommended to​ review ⁤the terms and conditions of the ‍discount offer either on the park’s website or by contacting their customer service. They will be‌ more than happy to provide you with all the ‍necessary information.

Q:⁤ Can I use the ​military discount‌ multiple times?
A: Generally, the Ocean Breeze military discount ‌can be redeemed multiple times throughout the specified duration of the discount offer. However, it is wise to confirm this⁤ information beforehand by checking the terms and conditions or contacting the park directly.

Q: Can I combine the military⁤ discount with other offers or promotions?
A: The possibility of combining the Ocean Breeze military discount⁣ with other‍ offers or promotions may vary. ⁢It is best to consult with the park’s staff or refer to their website to determine whether multiple discounts can be applied.

Q: Are there any additional perks or ⁤benefits associated with the Ocean Breeze military discount?
A: Along with discounted admission rates, the Ocean Breeze military discount may also offer other benefits or perks which could include priority access to certain attractions, complimentary parking, or discounts on food and merchandise. For specific information regarding additional benefits, it is recommended to refer to the park’s official website or contact their customer service team.

Q: How can I get in touch ‌with Ocean Breeze if I have more questions about the military discount?
A: ‍If you have further questions or need additional information about the Ocean Breeze military⁤ discount, you can reach out to their customer service⁤ team through the contact details available on their website. They ​will be delighted to assist you ​and provide clarification on any inquiries you​ may ⁤have.