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Jersey Mike’S

Jersey Mike’s is a popular sandwich chain known for its tasty subs and fresh ingredients.⁣ But did you know that they also offer a special military‍ discount to‍ show their support and appreciation to ⁢those who have served our country?⁣ Whether you’re an active ⁤duty member, a ⁣veteran, or a military family member, Jersey Mike’s⁣ has a discount program that allows you​ to ⁢enjoy their delicious ​sandwiches at a discounted price. Let’s take a closer ⁤look at what Jersey ‍Mike’s ‍has to offer and how you can take advantage of their military discount.

At Jersey Mike’s, it’s all about the ‌subs. They ‍pride themselves on serving up‌ made-to-order sandwiches on freshly baked ⁤bread, loaded with high-quality ingredients. From classics⁢ like the Philly‌ cheesesteak to their famous ‍Italian cold cut, ​there’s a sub to satisfy every craving. Not only do they offer mouthwatering sandwiches, but they also have a variety of⁢ sides ‌and drinks ‍to⁢ complement your​ meal. With a commitment to freshness and ⁢quality, it’s⁣ no wonder why Jersey Mike’s has become ‌a go-to spot for sandwich ⁤lovers across the country.

To ⁢get the military ‍discount at Jersey Mike’s, it’s straightforward and easy.‌ All you need to do is show your military ID at the time of purchase. Whether you’re ordering in-store, for ‍takeout, ​or ⁣even online, this special ​discount can ‍be ‍applied to any sandwich‌ on the menu. It’s ‌a small ⁤way for ⁢Jersey Mike’s to show their gratitude ‍and​ support ⁣for⁤ those who⁣ have served our country. So, the⁢ next time ‍you’re craving a delicious sub, head ​over to your nearest Jersey Mike’s location and enjoy a well-deserved discount⁢ as a token⁣ of appreciation for your‌ military service.


Q: Does Jersey‌ Mike’s offer a ⁢military discount?
A: Yes! Jersey Mike’s is proud to offer a military discount to show our ​appreciation for the brave ‌men and women who⁣ serve our country.

Q: Who is⁣ eligible for the military⁤ discount?
A: The military⁣ discount at Jersey Mike’s is available to ​all active duty service members, veterans, ⁤and their immediate family members.

Q: ⁢What kind of discount is offered?
A: Jersey Mike’s offers a 10% discount ⁤on all regular-priced menu​ items. It’s our way of saying thank you for⁢ your⁤ service.

Q: ⁤Is the military discount available at all ⁣Jersey Mike’s locations?
A: Yes, the military discount is available ⁣at participating Jersey Mike’s ​locations nationwide. ⁢Be sure to check with your local ⁤store to confirm their participation.

Q: Can I use the⁢ military discount for⁢ online orders?
A: Absolutely! You can​ apply the military discount to your‍ online orders by entering the designated promo code ⁢at checkout. This allows for convenience and flexibility when ordering your favorite⁤ subs.

Q: Do I need to show any​ form of military ID to receive the discount?
A: Yes, in order to receive the military discount, you’ll need to present a valid military ID or other ‍proof‍ of service at the time of purchase. This helps us ensure ‌that the discount is given to those who have served or are currently serving in the military.

Q:⁢ Can the military discount be ⁤combined with other offers or promotions?
A: ‍Unfortunately, the military discount‌ cannot be combined with⁢ other offers or⁤ promotions. However, it can ⁤be used on any regular-priced items, so⁣ you’ll still be able to enjoy‌ savings while⁤ enjoying your favorite subs.

Q: How long will this military discount be available?
A: Jersey Mike’s is committed to supporting our military community, and therefore, the ⁤military⁣ discount is an ongoing promotion. We⁣ have no plans​ to​ end this discount, as we value the sacrifice and dedication ​of our ‍service members.

Q: ‌Can I apply the military discount to catering orders?
A: Unfortunately, the military discount cannot be ⁣applied to catering orders at ‍this⁣ time. ⁣However, stay‌ tuned for any ‍updates or ‌changes regarding our catering policies.

Q:⁣ How can I‌ find out more information about Jersey⁤ Mike’s⁢ military discount?
A: For more information about the military discount and any ‍other promotions, visit our website or ⁣contact your local Jersey Mike’s store.⁢ Our friendly ​staff will be more than happy to assist you.