Great America

Great America

Are you a current or retired member of the ‌military?​ If ‌so,⁢ I’ve got great news for you! Great America, one of​ the most popular amusement⁢ parks in the United States, offers an amazing military discount to show their appreciation for⁢ the ‍brave men‍ and women who serve our country. This‌ discount allows ​military personnel⁤ and their ‍families to enjoy a fun-filled day at ​Great‍ America for a fraction of​ the regular price. So, let me tell you a little bit about what Great ⁣America⁣ has to offer ‌and how you can take advantage of this fantastic deal.

Great America is an amusement park located in Santa Clara, California, and is part of the renowned ‌Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. This thrilling ⁣park boasts ‍a wide‍ array of attractions for guests of all ages, including heart-pounding roller⁤ coasters, water rides, live ⁢entertainment, and much more. Whether ​you’re an​ adrenaline junkie looking for a wild ride or ​someone seeking a more relaxed experience, Great⁤ America has⁤ something ⁤for‍ everyone. This family-friendly park also features a​ variety of⁤ dining options,‍ games, and shops to ⁢ensure a memorable day of fun and excitement.

To‌ take advantage of the Great America military discount, ⁣simply ​present a valid military ID at the park’s ticket ⁤booth ‍when purchasing your ⁣tickets. This discount applies to active duty military personnel, veterans, and‍ their families. With this ‌special ‌offer, you can save a significant amount ‍on‌ admission prices,⁣ making it even⁤ more⁣ affordable for your whole family to enjoy​ a day ‍at Great America. Plus, please‌ note that this discount is available not​ only ‍during the regular operating season but also⁢ on special occasions such as Memorial Day and Independence Day, allowing military families to celebrate these important holidays with ‍extra joy and laughter.

In ⁤summary, the Great ​America military discount is an excellent‌ opportunity for our dedicated military ​personnel and their families to have⁢ a blast and create ⁤lasting memories at a fraction of ​the regular‌ cost. Great‌ America offers an‍ incredible array of thrilling rides, live‍ entertainment, and delicious⁤ dining options, ensuring‌ a ‌fun-filled day ⁣for​ everyone. To claim this discount, ​just ⁣bring your‌ valid military⁣ ID to the ticket⁢ booth,⁣ and enjoy the many wonders this amusement park ​has to offer. So, ‍what are​ you ‌waiting for? Get ready to⁤ have ‍an amazing time at Great⁣ America!


Q:⁢ What is the Great America military discount?

A: The Great America military discount is a special offer extended to active-duty⁤ military personnel, veterans, and their families. It allows them to enjoy discounted admission tickets to⁢ Great America, one of the premier amusement ⁣parks located in the United ​States.

Q: Who is eligible for⁤ the military discount?

A:⁣ The military discount is ‍available to both active-duty military personnel⁤ and veterans. Additionally, ⁤the discount can be utilized by their immediate family members, including ​spouses and dependent children.

Q: How much is the​ military⁤ discount?

A: Great America offers a significant discount on admission tickets for military personnel and their families. Exact pricing and discount percentages⁤ may vary, ‍so ⁢we recommend visiting⁣ the Great‌ America​ website ​or ​contacting their‌ customer service for the most up-to-date information.

Q: How can military ⁣personnel‌ and ‌their‌ families take advantage​ of ‍the discount?

A: To access‌ the⁣ military⁤ discount, military personnel and their families can ⁣visit the Great‍ America website or‍ contact‌ their ⁣customer service directly. They may be required‍ to ‍ provide ⁣valid military identification or proof of service ⁤to avail themselves ‌of the special rates.

Q: Can the military‍ discount be used⁤ for multiple visits?

A: Yes, the military discount​ can often be used‌ for multiple ⁣visits‌ throughout‌ the season, subject‍ to the park’s policies and restrictions. We encourage visitors to check the Great America ‌website or​ contact ⁢their ⁤customer service​ for‌ specific details ‍regarding the availability⁢ of multi-visit discounts.

Q: Are there ⁢any additional ‍benefits for military ⁤personnel at Great America?

A: Absolutely! Great America understands and appreciates the‍ sacrifices made ⁢by military ⁢personnel, which is why they offer various additional benefits. These may⁣ include exclusive⁣ military discounts on merchandise, food and beverages, as well⁣ as special events or‍ programs dedicated to honoring military service.

Q: Are there any ⁢blackout dates for the military ⁤discount?

A:⁢ While‍ blackout dates are uncommon for ⁤military discounts, ‍it’s always a good idea to review the terms and⁣ conditions⁣ on the Great ​America⁤ website or‍ consult their customer service to ensure⁢ the ⁢discount is​ available on your desired visit date.

Q: Can the⁤ military discount be combined with​ other offers or promotions?

A: Great⁤ America’s policies regarding combining discounts and promotions may vary. We recommend⁤ checking the ‍fine print ‌on their website or ⁤contacting customer service to understand ⁤whether ⁣the military discount can be used in⁤ conjunction with other offers or promotions.

Q: Are there any‍ restrictions or limitations to be aware of?

A: Some limitations and restrictions may apply to the military discount, ‌such ‌as ​the number of discounted tickets that can⁤ be purchased per person or per ‍visit. It’s always a good idea to⁣ review the ⁣terms and conditions associated with the military ‌discount or⁤ reach out to⁣ Great America’s customer service for​ clarity.

Q: Is the military discount available only at‍ Great America, or‌ are other attractions also included?

A: ⁣The military discount‌ offered by Great America is typically​ valid exclusively for admission to their amusement​ park. Other ⁢attractions or associated ‌venues may have separate military​ discounts or offers, which‌ should be explored individually.

Remember, Great America’s military ‌discount is ⁤a‍ wonderful opportunity to enjoy a day of thrilling rides and entertainment while showing appreciation for the​ service of military personnel ⁢and their families. Enjoy the experience and have a fantastic time ⁣at Great America!​