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With a career in the military, it’s likely you’re no stranger to travel. Whether for work or leisure, traveling is a part of life that many people enjoy. Renting a car for road trips or exploring your chosen (or assigned) destination is the best way to ensure you’re free to come and go as you please while away from home and removes any limits on where you can go when you travel.

Enterprise Rental Cars has been a constant presence in the car rental market for decades, thanks to their excellent customer service and wide variety of available vehicles. Their reasonable rates and convenient locations make renting cars a breeze, adding value to your travel experience.

How To Get The Enterprise Military Discount

Enterprise was founded by a WW2 veteran, and named after his service aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise. Jack Taylor made sure his fellow service members would always be honored by his company. Leisure rentals for military (active, retired, and veteran) are offered at a 5% discount, while official travel rentals are discounted at individual rates. Find out more and book your next rental on this page.

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