Columbus Zoo

Columbus Zoo

Looking‌ for a fun and educational day ⁢out for the whole family? Look no further than‍ the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio! With its wide range of⁢ animals and interactive exhibits, this zoo is a must-visit. And here’s ⁤some great news for military personnel – the Columbus Zoo offers a military discount ‌to show their appreciation for the⁤ brave​ men​ and women ⁣who serve our⁢ country.

The Columbus⁣ Zoo and Aquarium has ⁤been a ⁣popular ‌attraction since its opening in 1927. Home to over 10,000 animals, including ⁤exotic species from⁢ all around the world, this zoo ​is dedicated to wildlife conservation and⁤ education. Visitors can enjoy various exhibits⁢ such as the⁤ Heart of Africa, where they can get up close and personal with lions⁢ and‍ giraffes, ⁢or venture into the Congo⁤ Expedition ​to observe ⁣gorillas and bonobos in their ⁣natural habitats. With ‍its ‍engaging‌ shows, informative talks, and beautiful landscapes, the Columbus‍ Zoo‍ aims to provide visitors with a memorable and educational experience.

To take advantage⁤ of⁢ the Columbus Zoo military⁤ discount, follow these⁢ simple steps. First, make sure you’re an active or retired military ​member with a valid ⁤military ID.‍ Then,⁤ head to the zoo’s​ website or visit ⁣the ticket office to purchase⁤ your discounted⁣ tickets. The⁣ military‍ discount is available for both single-day visits‌ and memberships, allowing⁣ you and ⁤your​ family to‍ enjoy the zoo‍ all year round. So, gather ‍your loved ‌ones, grab ‌your military⁤ ID, and​ get ready‍ for a day filled with ⁢incredible⁣ wildlife​ encounters at ⁤the Columbus Zoo.⁢ Don’t forget to check their website for ⁤any additional promotions or ⁤events ​that ⁢may enhance your visit!


Q: What is the Columbus Zoo‌ military discount?
A: ‌The ⁤Columbus Zoo offers a special discount for ‌military‍ personnel and ‌their families to show appreciation for their‌ service. This discount allows them to enjoy the⁤ zoo’s attractions ⁢at a reduced price.

Q: Who ‌is eligible for the ‍Columbus Zoo military ‍discount?
A:‍ Active ⁣duty⁤ military members, ​veterans, and their ⁢immediate family‌ members are eligible for the‍ Columbus Zoo military discount. This includes spouses ⁢and children.

Q: How‍ much‌ is the discount?
A: The Columbus Zoo offers $2 off general admission tickets ⁣for military members‍ and their families. This discount applies to⁤ both adults and ⁢children, providing a significant savings for ⁣families looking to visit the​ zoo.

Q:⁢ How ⁢can I redeem ‍the military discount?
A: To take‍ advantage of the military discount, simply present a valid military ID at the zoo’s ticketing booth. This can be ‍a military‍ ID card, dependent‌ ID card,⁤ or driver’s license ⁣with veteran designation.

Q: Can the military discount be used for online ticket purchases?
A: Currently, ‍the military⁢ discount‌ is only available for on-site ticket purchases. It cannot be applied to ⁣online ticket sales, so make sure to⁣ visit the ticketing booth at the Columbus Zoo to enjoy the ⁢discount.

Q: ​Are ​there any ‌restrictions or⁣ limitations to the military discount?
A: The military discount is ‍valid ⁢for general admission‍ only⁣ and cannot be combined with any‌ other ⁣offers or promotions. ‌It also cannot be used for​ special‌ events or attractions that​ require a separate⁢ ticket.

Q: How⁣ long ⁣is the military discount valid?
A: ⁤The‍ Columbus⁢ Zoo military discount is an ongoing offer, available year-round. Military personnel and their⁤ families can⁤ take advantage of this discount anytime they ‌visit ‌the zoo, ⁢regardless of the season.

Q: What are⁢ some other​ benefits ⁣for military families at the Columbus Zoo?
A: In addition to ​the ​military discount, the Columbus Zoo offers various events and programs specifically tailored for⁤ military families throughout ​the year. These programs ⁤include educational ⁢workshops, animal encounters, and special⁤ activities for children.

Q:​ Can I gift the military discount⁣ to someone else?
A: The military discount ⁣is⁢ designed ‌to specifically honor and ‍support military ‌personnel and their families.‌ Therefore, it ⁣cannot be gifted or transferred to someone‍ who is not an eligible military member or‍ their immediate family. ⁢