Are you ‌a military ⁢personnel looking​ to​ have a thrilling⁤ adventure? Look no further than Camelback Mountain Resort,⁣ where you ‌can‍ enjoy incredible outdoor activities for less through their⁣ military discount⁢ program. With a ​long-standing commitment to honoring‍ the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women, ⁤Camelback offers a special discount to military​ personnel ​and their families as a token of appreciation. So, grab your⁤ gear ​and get ‌ready‌ for an⁢ unforgettable experience at⁢ Camelback ⁣Mountain Resort.

Located in the​ heart of the picturesque Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, ​Camelback⁢ Mountain ​Resort ⁣is a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts‍ of all​ ages. Known for its ⁤exceptional skiing‌ and snowboarding ‍terrain in the winter, the resort offers a wide range‍ of activities‌ year-round. From thrilling water parks and exhilarating zip-line adventures to challenging ‍mountain ‍bike⁣ trails and ⁤relaxing‍ spa facilities, Camelback has something ⁤for everyone. Whether ⁤you⁣ are seeking⁣ adrenaline-pumping excitement or ⁣a tranquil retreat, you’ll find it here at Camelback.

Obtaining the​ Camelback military discount is a simple‍ and straightforward process. To thank⁢ military personnel ⁢for ⁣their service, Camelback offers a discount⁣ on ​tickets, rentals, and other activities. ⁤All active-duty military ​personnel, Reservists, ‍National Guard ‍members,⁤ and ⁢veterans, as‌ well as their‌ immediate family members, are eligible to⁤ receive this discount. Simply present your valid military identification or proof of service at⁤ the ticket‍ window ⁢or⁢ rental shop to receive the discount.⁣ It’s their way of showing gratitude and ensuring that military families can enjoy‌ everything Camelback ⁢has​ to offer without breaking ‌the bank. ⁤So, ‍gear up and make unforgettable ‍memories​ at ⁣Camelback Mountain Resort with their fantastic⁢ military discount.


Q:‌ What is ‍the Camelback ⁣military⁤ discount and‌ who is eligible ⁢for it?
A: The ​Camelback military ⁢discount⁤ is a ‍special offer designed to ‌show our gratitude to the brave men and women serving⁣ in the ‌military. Active duty⁣ military ​personnel, veterans, reserve⁤ members, and their immediate family ‌members are eligible for⁣ this discount.

Q: How‌ much is the ‍military discount at Camelback?
A: We are⁣ pleased to‍ offer‌ a 15% ⁣discount‍ on select Camelback⁢ services and products‌ to ‍military personnel and their families. ⁢This discount can save you ⁢valuable ⁣dollars on lift tickets, rentals, lodging, and ⁢more.

Q: ⁣How can I avail the Camelback military discount?
A: Availing ‌the military discount at ⁣Camelback is quick‍ and easy. Simply ​present​ a valid military ID or proof of service at the ticket window, rental center, or the designated location when purchasing online.‌ Our friendly ​staff will gladly assist you ‍in applying the discount to⁢ your ‌purchase.

Q:​ Can the military discount be applied ​to online‍ purchases?
A: Absolutely! We​ understand the convenience‍ of online shopping, which is ⁣why⁢ the military discount can be seamlessly applied to your purchases made through our website. Just make ⁤sure ⁤to​ provide⁢ the ‍required military identification ⁢during the⁢ checkout ‍process.

Q: Is ⁢the Camelback military discount available year-round?
A: ‍Yes, the military discount is available ⁢throughout the year for eligible ​individuals and their‍ families. However, please⁣ note that certain‍ blackout dates ⁤or restrictions may apply ⁤during peak‍ periods, so we recommend checking our website or contacting our⁢ customer service for more information.

Q: Are there any additional benefits or perks for‌ military personnel at‍ Camelback?
A: Besides the military discount,​ we are proud‌ to offer exclusive⁤ promotions and ​special ⁣offers to military members throughout the season. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to ⁤stay ‍updated on ⁢the latest military-specific deals and promotions.

Q: Can I combine ‌the‍ military discount with other offers or promotions?
A: Generally, the military discount ⁤cannot ⁤be combined ⁣with other offers ⁢or promotions.⁤ However, it’s always a good⁤ idea to check‍ the terms and conditions​ of‌ each promotion or⁢ contact our customer service to confirm the eligibility and restrictions.

Q: Does Camelback ‌offer military‍ discounts for group visits?
A: Yes, Camelback Ski Resort offers ⁣military discounts for group visits too. If you⁤ are planning⁣ a group outing, our ​helpful group sales team will​ be happy‍ to assist you in finding⁣ the best deals ⁢and packages⁤ to suit your needs.

Q: Can retired ​military personnel⁤ also avail the discount?
A: Yes, retired military personnel are eligible‍ for the Camelback‍ military discount as long‌ as​ they can​ present a valid military ID⁣ or proof of service. The‌ program⁣ is designed to honor⁢ and appreciate all those who have ⁢served in the military.

Q:⁤ How⁣ long has Camelback ‌been offering⁣ military discounts?
A: ‌Camelback Ski Resort ​has a long-standing tradition of‍ supporting the military community. We have been offering military discounts for several years and will continue to⁣ do so as a token of our⁢ appreciation.