Boscov’s, the renowned department store chain, shows its appreciation for the⁤ brave‍ men and women who serve in the military by offering​ a special military discount. This discount is a fantastic way for military personnel, including active-duty members, veterans, and their ⁢families, to save ⁤money on their purchases. With an impressive range ‌of products and ⁢top-notch‍ customer service, Boscov’s is a⁤ one-stop-shop for fashion, home goods,‍ cosmetics, appliances, and ‌so‌ much more.

Boscov’s⁢ is⁣ a⁤ beloved name ⁤in the ‍world of department stores, known for its commitment​ to ⁣quality and ⁣variety. They have been serving customers since 1911, catering ⁤to every‍ shopping need ⁣across multiple departments. Whether you’re looking for trendy‌ clothes, comfortable ⁣shoes, ‌stylish accessories, or items to spruce up​ your home, Boscov’s has it all. With an extensive selection that ⁢includes designer ‍brands, affordable options, and everything in between, you’re sure to find exactly what you need under one roof.

To take advantage ⁢of the Boscov’s military discount, it’s quite​ simple. If you are a member of the ‌military, a veteran, or an immediate family member, all you⁤ need⁢ to do is ⁢bring a valid military ID or⁤ proof of service to any Boscov’s location. The discount applies to both in-store and online purchases, allowing you to conveniently shop ⁣at your‌ own pace. Boscov’s appreciates the sacrifices made by military personnel and wants to say thank you by providing savings that can⁢ help ⁤make your shopping experience even ⁣more ⁢enjoyable.‌


Q: What is ⁣Boscov’s ⁣military discount?
A: Boscov’s military discount is a special program designed to honor and support members of the military ⁢community. It offers eligible service members and their families the opportunity to enjoy‌ exclusive discounts⁣ on a wide range ⁢of products available at Boscov’s department stores.

Q: Who is eligible‍ for the military discount at Boscov’s?
A: The military discount at ​Boscov’s is available to all active-duty military personnel, veterans, retirees, National⁣ Guard, and Reserves members, as well⁢ as their immediate family members.

Q: What kind ⁤of discount ‍does Boscov’s⁢ offer to the military‍ community?
A: Boscov’s ‌offers a generous 10% ​discount on most merchandise to military personnel and their⁤ families.​ This ⁣discount can be applied ⁣to both in-store and online ⁢purchases. However, please ‍note​ that certain ⁤exclusions may apply, such ‍as ⁢electronics, gift ⁤cards, and some⁣ name brand items.

Q: How can military personnel and their families take advantage of the discount?
A: To avail the military discount at Boscov’s, eligible⁢ individuals can present a valid military⁤ ID or proof of service at any Boscov’s store during checkout. Online shoppers can simply verify their military status ‍by following the‍ provided instructions on the Boscov’s website.

Q: ⁢Can the military discount be combined with other promotions or coupons?
A:‍ Yes, Boscov’s military discount ⁤can generally be combined with other ⁤promotions or coupons, allowing military members and their⁤ families to enjoy ⁣additional ‌savings on top of the already‍ discounted⁤ prices. However, it’s advisable to read the terms and conditions of each ⁣offer to⁤ ensure eligibility.

Q: Are there any specific times or days when the‍ military​ discount is available?
A: Boscov’s military discount is available every⁢ day, ‌both⁢ in-store and ‍online. It​ does not have a​ dedicated day or ‍specific‍ time⁤ restrictions, ensuring​ military personnel and their families​ can conveniently take advantage of the ​discount whenever they shop at Boscov’s.

Q: ‌Does Boscov’s offer any additional perks or benefits for‌ military personnel?
A: In ⁣addition to the ‌military discount, Boscov’s actively participates in various ‌military support initiatives throughout the year.​ They frequently organize special events, giveaways,‍ and promotions exclusively for military⁤ families, showcasing their commitment to serving those who have served our country.

Q: ‍Do I need‌ to enroll in a ⁣membership program ‌to receive the military discount?
A:⁣ No, Boscov’s military discount does not require a membership. The discount‍ is offered as a gesture of⁣ gratitude to military personnel and their families without any additional requirements.

Q: Is the ⁤military⁤ discount available at all Boscov’s⁢ locations?
A: Yes,⁣ the military discount is available at‌ all‍ Boscov’s department stores nationwide.⁣ Whether you’re ‌shopping at a Boscov’s in Pennsylvania, New York, or‍ any other⁤ state, you can confidently expect ⁣the military discount to apply. Additionally, the discount is also ​applicable on​ Boscov’s website for online purchases.

Q: How long will Boscov’s honor the military discount?
A: Boscov’s deeply appreciates the service ⁢and sacrifice‌ of the military community and has a longstanding commitment to ‌this discount program.‍ While it’s always advisable to⁢ check Boscov’s website or inquire ‍in-store ⁤for ⁤any changes,‍ the military discount is expected to continue indefinitely.