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Best⁤ Western Hotels ⁢& ⁢Resorts ⁣is known for their exceptional hospitality and ‍affordable accommodations,​ and they ⁤truly go the ​extra mile in ​showing gratitude towards our military personnel. As a company ‌that ​understands the ​sacrifices made by those ⁣in‌ the military, ⁤Best Western‌ offers a generous military discount to express their support and appreciation. ‌By ⁢providing this⁢ discount, they aim to make it easier for military members and their families to enjoy comfortable ​and memorable stays at any⁣ of the ​Best⁤ Western properties worldwide.

Best Western ⁢is a global hotel⁣ chain with over 4,700 locations in nearly 100 countries, offering a wide ⁤range of amenities and services to cater to all types of travelers.⁢ Whether you are planning a family vacation, a business trip, or just ​a quick weekend getaway, Best ‌Western ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay at every ⁢destination. ⁤Their ⁢well-appointed rooms, complimentary breakfast‌ options, and friendly staff are just a few reasons why guests ⁤continue to choose Best Western as their preferred lodging option.

To take advantage of the Best Western military ⁢discount, it’s fairly⁣ straightforward. Military members, ‍veterans, and their families simply need to present valid identification or documentation at‌ check-in, such as a military ID⁣ card or a veteran’s ⁤card. This discount‍ applies to both ​active duty personnel and those in the reserves, making it inclusive ⁢for all members ‌of the⁢ military community. By providing this discount, Best Western acknowledges the sacrifices made by our military and hopes to repay their service by offering a‍ more affordable and enjoyable travel experience.


Q: Does ⁣Best Western offer a military discount?
A: Yes! Best Western is proud to show⁣ its appreciation for the men and women who serve in⁣ the military by offering a⁢ special ‍military discount.

Q: Who is eligible ‌for the Best Western military​ discount?
A: Active-duty military personnel, veterans, ⁢and⁢ their families are eligible for⁣ the military discount at Best Western ‍hotels.

Q:‍ How much discount can I ‍expect‍ with the Best Western ⁣military discount?
A: The specific discount amount ‌may ‍vary depending ​on the hotel location, but typically it ranges from 10% to 20% off the regular room rate.‌

Q: ​Do I need to provide any proof ‌of military affiliation to avail the discount?
A: Yes, a valid ⁣military ID or⁢ government-issued identification card that demonstrates your military affiliation⁣ will be required at check-in to qualify ⁣for⁢ the discount.

Q: Are there any restrictions or ​blackout dates with the Best ⁤Western ⁢military discount?
A: While blackout dates and restrictions may apply, they are rare, ‍and Best Western ⁤strives to⁤ keep them to a minimum. However,‌ it’s always ⁣a good practice to contact the specific hotel you ⁣plan to stay at and inquire ⁤about⁢ any⁣ potential ​restrictions.

Q:‌ Can the military discount⁢ be combined with other promotions or discount offers?
A: Yes, in most ⁣cases, the Best Western ​military discount can ⁢be combined with other promotions offered ⁤by the ⁤hotel, allowing you to‍ maximize your savings.

Q:⁣ How can I book ⁤a room using the military discount?
A: To make a reservation with the military discount, simply visit the Best Western website or call their toll-free ⁢number. During‍ the booking ⁤process, you will be asked to provide your military ID number or mention your military affiliation.

Q: Are all Best Western hotels participating in the military discount program?
A: ⁣Yes,⁢ the military discount is ⁢available at participating Best⁣ Western hotels worldwide. ⁣However, it’s always advisable to‌ confirm with the specific hotel you intend to stay at to ensure they offer​ the discount.

Q:​ Can ⁣I use the military discount ‌for multiple ‍room bookings?
A:‌ Absolutely! The​ military discount can be applied to multiple room‌ bookings, ⁢enabling ⁣both you and your travel companions to enjoy the benefits of the discount.

Q: Is the Best‍ Western military discount available for online ⁣bookings?
A: Yes, you‍ can conveniently book ​your stay online through the Best‍ Western website, while still enjoying the military discount. Remember to enter your military ID ​number or mention ⁢your military‌ affiliation‌ during ⁢the online ‍booking‍ process.

Q: Does the military discount apply to other hotel services,‌ such as dining‌ or amenities?
A: The ⁣ military discount typically applies to room rates ⁣only. However, some individual hotels may offer additional discounts on other services or amenities. It’s ​best to check with the specific hotel⁢ for any additional military perks they ⁢may offer.

Q: ​Are there any special considerations due to ‌COVID-19 when using ⁢the‌ military discount?
A: Best Western is committed to maintaining the health and safety of its guests‌ in light of the COVID-19⁣ pandemic. While ​specific protocols ⁤may ‌vary by location, all Best Western hotels ⁢have implemented enhanced safety measures following local health guidelines. It’s ⁣advisable⁢ to contact​ your chosen‍ hotel directly or ‌visit their‌ website⁣ for detailed⁤ information on the safety measures and protocols in place.