Few elements in⁤ life say “luxury” quite like ⁢settling into ​the plush leather‌ seats‍ of an⁣ Audi vehicle. Audi’s world-famous ⁢luxury and attention to detail are servicing more than just civilian consumers, though. The car brand also extends its respect and ‌reverence ‍to brave servicemen and servicewomen from the ⁢military. With the Audi ‍Military Sales and Expatriate Program, Audi is⁣ providing a very special⁤ offer‌ for those who have served their country.

Audi is a‍ well-known brand in the world automobile market, ⁣with customers trusting its name for over one⁣ hundred years. Founded in Germany, this luxury vehicle manufacturer specializes in⁤ creating and delivering⁢ state-of-the-art automobiles known for ⁢their premium quality. Each Audi car marvelously blends an impressive performance with a sleek and⁢ elegant‍ design to ensure an exceptional driving experience.⁤ Audi doesn’t only focus on individuals ‌looking ​to‌ enjoy the opulence of personal automobiles; it also offers a unique benefit to the ​undeterred spirits of military personnel.

So, how does this⁢ Audi Military Discount ‍work and how can you get it? ⁤If you’re ‌an active or retired military personnel, ⁢or ‌a⁤ civilian working ⁤for the Military or ‌NATO, ⁣you might be eligible for the Audi Military Sales and Expatriate Program. Through ​this‍ program, you could save ‌up to 5% off MSRP on ⁣select Audi models. ‌To ​claim your Audi military discount, all you have to do ‍is visit an Audi dealer,⁢ identify​ yourself as an eligible participant, and they’ll ⁣guide you ⁤through the rest of the ⁤process. ⁢In addition to ‌this⁣ fantastic saving, Audi also offers service ‌benefits such as 24-hour⁢ Roadside Assistance for extra peace of mind. It’s a way of​ saying ​thank ⁢you, from‌ Audi to our ⁣dedicated servicemen and ​servicewomen.

Q: What is the Audi military discount?
A: The Audi military​ discount is a special offer available for active duty service members, veterans, members⁣ of the National Guard or Reserve,‌ and their spouses and household members when leasing or⁤ purchasing​ a new Audi vehicle.

Q: Who can ​avail of this discount?
A: The discount is available to ⁣active duty service members, members of the ⁢National Guard‍ or Reserve, retirees, ⁣veterans, and their spouses and household family members.

Q: Does the Audi ‌military discount apply to all Audi models?
A: While the discount generally applies to most ⁢of the new Audi models, ⁢there are some exceptions. It’s advisable ‍to check with​ the dealership ​for the specific models covered under ⁢the discount.

Q: How ​do I qualify for the Audi‌ military discount?
A: ‌To⁤ qualify, ​simply visit an Audi dealership and present your valid military identification. If you ‌are a spouse‌ or household ​member of a service person, you ⁣may ⁢also need to ⁢provide proof of military status.

Q: How much ‍can I save ​with the Audi‌ military discount?
A: The exact savings can vary depending on the model and other factors, ⁢so it’s best to consult with your ⁣local⁢ dealership ⁢for detailed‍ information.

Q:‌ Can the Audi military ⁤discount⁣ be combined with ⁤other‌ offers?
A: This often depends ‍on specific dealership policies and the details of other promotional offers⁤ running at ⁢the same time. It’s best to speak directly with⁤ your dealership to ⁤understand what can be combined.

Q:⁤ If I’m deployed overseas, can ‌I still avail ⁤the Audi military discount?
A: Yes, deployed military members can still take⁤ advantage of this program. In ‌fact, Audi specifically ⁣has an overseas⁣ military sales program with additional benefits.

Q: Are ‍there any other added benefits with Audi’s military⁣ discount?
A: There ​could be additional benefits such as favorable financing conditions, competitive insurance options, and other services. The specifics ⁤can vary ​by dealership, so always ‍ask for ⁢detailed information when you visit.