Nothing is frustrating, like trying to reach someone, but the call isn’t going through because of a poor network. That’s where T-Mobile comes in to provide wireless voice, messaging, and data services. T-Mobile is an American wireless network provider that delivers advanced 4G LTE and 5G networks. The company is dedicated to providing unmatched value and quality to its customers.

For military members, being able to keep in touch with family and friends is important, and T-Mobile is dedicated to ensuring nothing comes on the way. T-Mobile’s military discount provides active duty military and veterans up to 50% off family lines, including access to a 5G network. The price lock enables it not to exceed 50% of the additional line price.

How To Get The T-Mobile Military Discount

Active duty, reservists, retirees, and veterans are eligible for this military discount. However, Spouses or immediate family members of living or deceased military members who lack Gold Star Family member status aren’t eligible for the discount. To receive the discount, make sure you sign up here. You’ll need to verify your military service status within 45 days. You can also sign up in-store to get the verification on the spot.

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