traveling while in the military

Traveling is expensive, whether you’re going alone, with family, or with friends. Not only that, but booking flights, cars, and hotels can get exhausting. You’re busy enough with your work to add any extra tasks! Thankfully, there are now easy-to-use booking sites that not only help you book all your accommodations in one place, but also save you money on your trips.

Priceline is a popular source for all things vacation: from flights to cars, hotels, and activities. They’re experts at compiling data to allow your perfect vacation to be easy, fun, and most of all, affordable! For the best vacation you’ve ever had at the most affordable prices, booking with Priceline is the way to go.

How To Get The Priceline Military Discount

Priceline offers great deals every day on all your vacation needs, but they’ve gone one step further for military employees (past or present). They’re offering special discounts for your travels through their partner site, American Forces Travel. When booking here, you’ll find all sorts of great deals only applicable to the military, on everything from flights to hotels! Book with American Forces Travel for the best possible deal on your next trip.

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