Merrell, ⁤a ⁤renowned footwear ‍powerhouse, is more than⁤ just a company manufacturing‍ shoes. They ⁣acknowledge and respect ‌the ⁢sacrifice of‍ the ⁤brave military men ⁣and ​women who have ‌dedicated their⁣ lives to serve ⁢their ⁢nation. As a small‍ gesture of⁣ their immense gratitude ⁤for ​their ⁢service, Merrell offers an attractive military discount to⁢ active⁣ or veteran military personnel⁢ and their spouse and dependents,‌ making it easier for​ them to get their hands‍ on ‍Merrell’s⁣ high-quality outdoor gear and footwear.

Renowned for ‍creating the finest outdoor ‌boots⁢ and gear,⁢ Merrell​ started⁤ its ⁢journey in‌ 1981 with ‌its first-ever ​custom⁢ made⁢ hiking ‍boots. Ever since then,‍ it’s been ⁢their ⁤mission to⁢ make‍ sure that ‍everyone can experience the joy and fulfillment of the great‌ outdoors. Merrell recognizes the importance ‍of quality footwear⁤ for extreme conditions, and⁤ their ‍products‍ are a testament to just that. ⁤Whether it’s durable⁢ hiking boots, comfortable casual shoes, or high-performance running shoes, Merrell’s comprehensive line of ​footwear is designed ​to provide comfort and⁢ durability without‌ compromising on style. ⁢

To express their ⁤deep admiration ‍for the people who serve their ​country, Merrell has created​ a military discount program. ⁤This program allows active duty military personnel, veterans, and their families to enjoy a discount of 10% off‌ regular priced items. All you need to ‌do to take advantage of ‍this incredible offer ⁣is to verify your​ military​ status through ⁣during ‌checkout. Once your status is verified, the discount is automatically applied to your order. It’s Merrell’s‍ way of saying ‘Thank​ you for your service’ so you can comfortably ‍pursue your passion for adventure in the great outdoors.

Q: What is the Merrell military‍ discount?
A: The‍ Merrell military‍ discount‌ is⁣ a special offer available ⁤for active⁤ duty, veterans, retirees,⁤ and registered dependents ⁤of active duty/retirees of the U.S military forces. They get a 10% discount off regularly​ priced Merrell ⁣footwear⁤ and ⁤apparel for their‍ purchases‌ online.

Q: ‍How can I⁢ avail the Merrell military discount?
A: ⁢You can⁤ avail of the Merrell military discount by verifying your service through Once your⁢ status⁤ is confirmed, you get immediate ⁣access‌ to ‌your exclusive discount.

Q: Do ⁢I need‌ to create an account with to avail the ⁣military ⁣discount?
A: Yes, you’ll need⁣ to create an account with This platform verifies your military⁢ status, thereby‍ permitting ​you to use this exclusive offer.

Q: Are there any ⁢exceptions to the application ​of the military discount? ​
A: Yes, there are. The military discount is not ⁣applicable on ProDeal purchases, ​prior purchases, gift cards, or e-cards. Also, ⁤the offer is not valid ⁤on select ​merchandise,⁢ and cannot ​be combined with other promotions or discounts.

Q:⁤ Can I ‍use⁣ the Merrell⁣ military discount in-store?⁤
A: Currently, the Merrell military ⁢discount⁣ is ⁣only applicable⁤ for online purchases. ‍It ‌is not valid in-store.

Q: ​Is the‍ military discount ⁣available on sale items?
A: The⁢ military discount​ is only applicable to regular ‌priced ​items. It cannot be‌ used with sale items​ or⁤ combined with any other discount or ⁣promotional offers.

Q: Can the military ⁣discount be‍ utilized ‌by international ​military members?
A: The Merrell ⁣military discount is available only​ to ‍U.S. active ⁣duty, veterans, and their registered dependents. ⁣ It doesn’t extend to ⁤international military ⁢personnel.

Q: What ‍happens if I have ‌an issue with my​ verification?⁣
A: If you face⁢ any problem with the verification process, you can reach out to the support team‍ for further assistance.⁢ They are⁢ available 24/7 ‍to help ⁤you.

Q: ⁣Are‌ there other discounts‌ or benefits I can get ⁢with Merrell? ⁣
A: Beyond the military⁢ discount, ‍Merrell‌ often has seasonal sales and promotional codes. You ⁢could also consider joining the ⁢Merrell’s reward program for ⁣points on each purchase, ⁣free shipping, and early ​access to exclusive products.