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microsoft office phone

Microsoft Office

In this day and age, most of our lives are assisted in some way by technology. Whether it’s computers (work or personal), software, or other

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ihop pancakes on white ceramic plate


Nothing brings people together like breakfast. You get to spend time with your loved ones and begin your day together over a delicious meal, whether it’s pancakes, eggs, granola, or any of the other breakfast […]

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trees near Hilton building during daytime military gathering


Having a decent place to lay your head while traveling can make all the difference in your time away from home. You deserve a nice room to call (temporary) home when you have to be […]

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Southwest Airlines

Traveling is a big part of your life when working in the military. You’ve likely left family behind on countless occasions to fly to destinations all over the country, if not the world! Flying is […]

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man in black military jacket and blue backpack walking on green grass field during daytime


Hunting is a passion of many, especially those who are skilled in weapon handling. It’s a time-honored tradition among many families, a sport or hobby for some, a means of survival for others, and even […]

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ring military discount


While working in the military, there are likely times when you have to go away and leave your family behind. This is always difficult, as you’ll miss them when you’re gone — but it might […]

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Georgia Aquarium

Relaxing in your down time is important for anyone, but especially those with high-stress jobs like military personnel. Visiting attractions is a great way to blow off steam, take in some beautiful sights, and maybe […]

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military spirit airlines

Spirit Airlines

While traveling is the norm within military families, there’s one trip no one wants to have to make. Being wounded in battle is a risk all service members take, and their families take it right […]

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As the largest department store chain in the US, Kohl’s has everything you could ever need to restock your wardrobe and turn a house into a home! Whether you’re looking for furniture, jewelry, fitness gear, […]

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Sig Sauer

Most people join the military because they want to protect and serve their country. However, the fact that you spend ample time on shooting ranges and get to indulge your love of firearms in the […]

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service-member in blue denim jeans and black and white adidas sneakers riding on black motorcycle


Has your vehicle broken down again? Or are you finally starting the restoration of the classic car on your driveway? Well, AutoZone has you covered if/when you need reliable replacement parts to handle the job. […]

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woman veteran in white shirt wearing white helmet


Whether you’ve recently moved home, plan to renovate your current property, or have a home improvement project in the pipeline, you’re going to need some supplies for the task! That’s where Lowe’s comes in. The […]