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Red Lobster

Red Lobster, the popular⁢ seafood restaurant chain, is proud⁢ to‍ show its support for the ​brave men and women serving in the‍ military by offering a special military ⁢discount. This discount is a‌ way for […]

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white royal caribbean cruise ship docked beside port

Royal Caribbean

Embarking on a luxurious cruise is an exciting adventure. It becomes even more enticing when companies like Royal Caribbean International provide appreciative gestures for our military servicemen and women. Recognizing the sacrifices that these brave […]

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Proper vision is important for all military personnel to ensure situational awareness and proper response. Military people are exposed to various injuries, including eye injuries. Eyeglasses for soldiers are stylish and functional enough to allow […]

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ring military discount


While working in the military, there are likely times when you have to go away and leave your family behind. This is always difficult, as you’ll miss them when you’re gone — but it might […]