Moving can ⁢be a stressful and expensive ⁤experience, especially ‌for our hardworking military ⁣personnel who frequently have to ⁣relocate. That’s where U-Haul comes⁤ in, offering a helping hand with their military discount. ⁣U-Haul understands the⁣ sacrifices made by ⁤those who ‍serve in‍ the​ military and aims to make⁤ their moving process ⁤as‍ smooth and ⁤budget-friendly as possible. With their wide range of services and⁣ affordable rates, U-Haul is a go-to ‍choice for‌ military families on the move.

U-Haul ‍is a ‍well-known brand that ⁢has been aiding people in their moving endeavors since 1945.⁤ They provide⁢ a variety⁢ of services, including truck ‌and⁤ trailer ‌rentals, storage solutions, packing supplies, and even professional moving ⁣help. Whether⁤ you’re moving across town ​or⁤ across the country,⁣ U-Haul offers affordable options to suit your specific needs. With their extensive ⁢network of locations, U-Haul ​makes it easy to find a nearby rental center, ensuring convenience for military families no ⁣matter ⁤where their next duty station ​may be.

To ⁢take advantage of the U-Haul⁢ military‍ discount, the process is ‌simple and straightforward. You’ll ​need⁤ to show a valid military ID or⁢ proof of service​ when picking up⁤ your ⁤rental. The discount applies to all active duty military personnel, as well as ‍veterans and their families. By providing this discount, U-Haul shows⁢ their appreciation‍ for​ the service and sacrifices of our military members. So, next time you’re planning a⁣ move, don’t forget to check out U-Haul and take advantage of ‌their ⁢military discount to make your ​relocation a little easier ⁣on your wallet.


Q: What is the U-Haul military⁤ discount?
A:‌ The U-Haul military discount⁢ is a special offer extended to active​ and former military members in⁣ appreciation for their ‍service. It provides​ a discount on select U-Haul‍ truck ⁢and trailer rentals, as well ⁣as additional benefits.

Q: Who is eligible for⁢ the ‍discount?
A: The U-Haul military discount is ​available to all active duty military members, including⁢ those in the National Guard ⁣and Reserves, as well as veterans and their families. This includes⁤ both ‌officers and enlisted personnel.

Q: How can I redeem the military discount?
A: To take‌ advantage of the U-Haul military discount, simply present your military ID or other ⁤appropriate proof of service when making your reservation in person at a⁣ U-Haul location. You can also apply the discount‌ while booking online or ‌over the phone by providing the necessary details.

Q: What kind of discount can I expect?
A: The exact ‍discount ⁣amount may vary depending on the specific⁣ rental⁣ location and availability, but typically the U-Haul military discount offers around 10% off the regular rental ⁤rates. Additionally, some locations may provide​ free storage for ⁢the first month, which can be beneficial during moves.

Q: Can I use ‌the ‌military discount for every ‌rental?
A: Yes, the U-Haul military discount can ​be applied to every eligible rental, including truck, trailer, and moving equipment rentals. However, it ‌is worth noting that the discount is subject to availability ⁣and cannot be combined​ with other promotional offers.

Q: ​Are there any other benefits for military members?
A: ‍Besides the discounted rental‍ rates, ⁤U-Haul offers some ​additional benefits for military members. These can ‍include extended storage options, flexible drop-off and ‍pick-up​ times, and resources to help with moving and storage needs during deployment⁢ or relocation.

Q: How can ​I find out more information‌ about the U-Haul military ​discount?
A: For more⁤ information about the U-Haul military⁢ discount, including specific ⁣terms and​ conditions, it is ​recommended to⁢ visit‍ the official U-Haul website or contact a nearby U-Haul location directly.​ They will be happy to assist you ​and provide all ⁢the necessary details to ⁤help you take advantage of ⁣the military discount.