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a booking.com sign on the side of a building

Booking.com 💵

We’ve looked around and, although a military discount for Booking.com remains elusive, we’ve found a great cash back deal on your Booking.com purchases. Booking.com is a popular online platform that allows travelers to easily book […]

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an avis car parked on a road by water and mountains

Avis Car Rental

Are you⁤ a member of the military looking for affordable car rental options? ⁣Look no further than Avis Car ⁤Rental! Avis offers a fantastic military discount program that can help you save money on your […]

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travelocity website


Travelocity appreciates the bravery and commitment of our military men and women. They believe in honoring our heroes by offering a special military discount to make travel a bit more affordable. Travelocity is a well-known […]