Texas De Brazil

Texas De Brazil

Texas de ⁣Brazil is a popular Brazilian-American steakhouse⁣ that offers an array of⁤ mouthwatering cuisine‍ to⁢ satisfy any meat lover’s ⁤cravings. ⁣From succulent cuts of⁤ beef, lamb, pork, and chicken ⁢to a generous selection of salads, appetizers, and delectable desserts, Texas de ‌Brazil provides a⁤ truly extraordinary dining experience. What makes it even ​better is that‌ they show their ‌appreciation for the men⁣ and women ⁤in uniform by offering a ‌military discount.

At ​Texas de Brazil, you⁤ will find a unique blend ⁣of traditional Brazilian⁢ cooking techniques and⁣ the ​flavors of Southern ​Texas. As you step into ⁢their elegant and inviting atmosphere, you ​will be greeted ⁣with the ​tantalizing aroma of sizzling meats being roasted on skewers over an open flame. The skillful gauchos, or Brazilian ‌cowboys, ensure that each cut of meat is cooked to perfection ​and expertly seasoned for⁣ maximum flavor.​ Complementing the juicy meats are a ​variety‍ of gourmet salads, artisan cheeses, and fresh ⁤vegetables, allowing diners to create their own ⁢vibrant​ and satisfying meal.

To⁤ show ⁣their⁣ gratitude for the sacrifices made⁢ by military ‌personnel, Texas de Brazil ‍offers ‍a ⁤special military discount. Military members, including active duty, reserve, and veterans, as well as their ‌immediate ⁤family members, can enjoy a 20% discount off their meal. ‌This discount is available at all Texas de Brazil locations and ​can be​ redeemed by ⁢simply presenting ‌a valid military ID or​ proof of service. Whether you’re celebrating ⁢a special occasion, enjoying ‍a ⁣family dinner, or⁢ just looking to indulge in a⁣ flavorful feast, Texas de Brazil’s military discount provides an opportunity ‍for military personnel ⁤and their loved ones to enjoy ‍a delicious​ meal at⁢ a more affordable price.


Q: What is the Texas⁤ De Brazil military discount?

A: The Texas De Brazil military discount is a special offer extended to active-duty military⁣ personnel, veterans,​ and their families as a token of appreciation for their⁤ service ​and sacrifice. It allows ‍them to enjoy⁢ a discounted ​rate​ when⁢ dining at Texas De Brazil restaurants.

Q:​ Who is eligible for the military discount at ⁣Texas De Brazil?

A:‍ Active-duty ⁣military ​personnel, veterans, and their families are‌ eligible for⁢ the Texas De Brazil military discount. This includes members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, ⁣Marines, ‌Coast‍ Guard,‌ and National ‌Guard.

Q: How much is the military⁣ discount ​at ‌Texas De Brazil?

A: The specific discount amount may vary depending on​ the location,⁤ but typically the military discount ‌at Texas De Brazil is around 10%. It’s always​ a good idea to check with your local Texas De Brazil ‍restaurant for the exact discount‌ offered⁢ there.

Q: Do I‍ need to provide any proof of military service to avail the discount?

A: Yes, you will need to provide a valid​ form of military identification ⁤to avail the military ‌discount. This can include a ‌military ID card, VA card,‌ or a DD214 form. ​Spouses and dependents⁣ may also need to provide⁤ supporting ​documentation.

Q:⁣ Can the military ‍discount be used on any day of⁢ the ⁣week?

A: Yes, the military discount​ at Texas De Brazil can⁣ typically be used any day of the week. However, it’s advisable‍ to check with your‌ local restaurant ‍for any specific exclusions or limitations on⁣ certain days or during ⁢special events.

Q: Are there​ any other conditions or‌ restrictions for⁢ using the military discount?

A: ​While ‌the military discount is generally straightforward, some restrictions may⁣ apply. The discount may not be combinable with other⁢ offers, promotions, ​or discounts. It’s‌ always ⁤best to ⁤check with your ‌local⁣ Texas​ De ⁢Brazil restaurant for ‌any⁢ specific⁣ terms and conditions.

Q:⁣ Is the​ military discount available for takeout​ or delivery orders?

A: ‌The military⁢ discount is ‌primarily‌ applicable to in-restaurant dining experiences. However, you can‌ contact​ your local Texas De Brazil restaurant to inquire if they offer any discounts or ⁤special ⁤promotions for takeout ‍or delivery⁤ orders.

Q: How can I find a Texas De Brazil restaurant near me that offers the military discount?

A: The Texas De Brazil⁣ website provides⁣ a store‌ locator feature where ⁣you can find the nearest location to you. Alternatively,⁣ you can also call their⁢ customer service hotline⁤ for assistance⁣ in locating a restaurant that offers the military discount.

Q: Can the military discount be used for large group reservations⁢ or private events?

A: Yes, Texas ‍De Brazil is usually accommodating when it comes to⁤ large group⁣ reservations and private events. While the ​military⁤ discount may not be applicable to the entire ⁣bill in ‍these cases, it’s ‌worth​ discussing your requirements with the restaurant’s management, as they ‌may offer special group⁣ rates or ‍packages.

Q: How long will the ⁣military‌ discount be available at Texas De Brazil?

A:⁤ The military discount is an ongoing commitment to show appreciation ⁤for military‍ personnel and‌ veterans. However, it’s ‌always a good idea to verify with your local restaurant to ensure the discount is still being offered before visiting.