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While traveling is the norm within military families, there’s one trip no one wants to have to make. Being wounded in battle is a risk all service members take, and their families take it right along with them. In the case of battle or accidental injuries, the worry that comes along with not being by their loved one’s side can be crippling. 

Spirit Airlines is known for their low rates on airline fares and are used by millions of people for this reason (among others). They understand the financial demands of airline travel and aim to make flights accessible to anyone that wants or needs to travel by air. They go one step further for military personnel and their families with their Wounded Warrior program.

How To Get The Spirit Airlines Military Discount 

Wounded Warrior provides free flights for wounded service members and/or their families, so that they may be together during difficult times. Spirit doesn’t stop there, though: active military get two free checked bags and a free carry-on for all Spirit flights. Check out this page for details.

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