Delta Airlines

Flying is the fastest way to get anywhere these days, and every airline has its pros and cons. However, there are a few that have maintained their reputation as the best airline carrier option. But these tend to be some of the more expensive flights available, which isn’t always the most convenient option.

Delta Airlines is one example of an airline carrier that has long held a solid reputation. Their in-flight service is top notch, their seating is comfortable, and they transport passengers all over the world to hundreds of destinations. They also value the service of the United States military and offer several benefits to make your travel experience easier.

How To Get The Delta Airlines Military Discount

Active-duty military can book travel for discounted rates (which vary by destination), but the discounts don’t stop there! You also get better baggage allowances, special discounted rates for medical emergencies (including for family and partners), and special treatment for transporting pets. The Delta website has all the details you’ll need, so check it out before booking your next flight.

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