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Rough Country

Are‌ you a military service member looking to upgrade your⁢ vehicle’s suspension⁢ or accessories? Well, you’re in luck! Rough Country, a‍ leading provider of high-quality aftermarket products for ‌trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, offers a special military discount to show their appreciation for the brave men and ⁢women in uniform.‌ With this discount, you can enjoy ‌incredible savings on Rough Country’s extensive range of suspension lifts, leveling kits, LED lighting, and other top-notch products.

Rough Country has been in⁢ the business of enhancing off-road ‌vehicles since‌ 1975. Offering a wide selection of suspension components,‌ lift ⁣kits, and accessories, ​Rough Country has become a trusted name among ‌off-road enthusiasts and truck​ lovers alike. Their products are built to withstand tough terrains and provide better ground clearance, improved handling, and an overall enhanced‍ driving experience. Whether you’re a recreational off-roader or have a work truck that needs a modification, Rough Country has the right solution⁢ for ⁣you.

Getting the Rough Country military discount is incredibly simple. All you have to do is verify your military status through a quick and easy process. Start by visiting ⁤their website and click on the “Military Discount” ⁣link, typically found in the footer section. From there,⁢ you‍ will be prompted to create an account or⁤ log in if you ​already have one. Once logged in, follow the instructions to upload ⁤your military ID​ or any other⁤ documentation ⁣as proof of your military service. Once verified, you’ll gain access‌ to exclusive military discounts and can browse through Rough Country’s extensive catalog to choose the perfect upgrades for your vehicle. With their military discount, Rough Country makes it easier for you to ​enhance your vehicle’s performance, all while saving some hard-earned cash.


Q: What is the Rough ⁣Country military discount?
A: The Rough Country military discount is a special offer extended to active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their ‍immediate family members. It⁣ allows them to save on ‌various Rough Country‍ products when shopping online or at select authorized retailers.

Q: Who is eligible for the military discount?
A: Active-duty military personnel, veterans, and ‌their immediate family members can take advantage⁤ of the Rough ‍Country military discount. This includes spouses and dependent children who are verified through a valid⁣ military ID or ‌other proof of service.

Q:⁢ How much can ‌I save with the military discount?
A: Rough Country values and appreciates the sacrifices made by military personnel and their families. While the discount amount may vary, it is typically a percentage‌ off the retail price of⁢ eligible products, providing valuable savings.

Q: How can I access the military discount?
A: To access the military‌ discount, simply visit the‌ official Rough Country website or contact your local authorized Rough Country retailer. Follow the prompts to provide​ necessary ⁤verification of your military ​service or use the provided discount code during online checkout.

Q: Are there any restrictions or limitations?
A: While the Rough Country military discount is ‌incredibly generous, there may be some restrictions or limitations. These can ⁣vary based on specific products and promotions, so it’s essential to review the terms and‍ conditions outlined by Rough Country for any applicable restrictions.

Q: Can I use the​ military discount in conjunction with other promotions?
A: Typically, Rough Country allows its military⁤ discount ‌to⁤ be⁢ combined with other⁣ promotions ‌and discounts. However, it’s best to review the terms ⁣and conditions or contact Rough Country directly to confirm if any limitations apply to specific‌ promotions.

Q: Where can I use the military⁢ discount?
A: The ‌Rough Country military discount can⁤ be used when shopping online through the official Rough Country website,‍ as well as at select authorized retailers. You⁤ may want to check with your local Rough Country retailer in⁢ advance ‍to ensure they honor the military discount.

Q: Are there any expiration dates or time limitations for the military discount?
A: The military discount provided by Rough Country may have varying expiration dates ⁤or‌ time limitations, depending on ​promotions and product availability. It’s recommended to review the terms and conditions or contact Rough ‌Country directly for the most up-to-date information.

Q: Does Rough Country offer support to military charities?
A: Absolutely! Rough Country proudly supports military charities and organizations that assist active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their families. Through collaborations and ⁢sponsorships, Rough Country aims to give back ‍to the military community ⁢that sacrifices so much.

Q: Are there any additional benefits for military ‍members ⁤when shopping with Rough Country?
A: In addition to the military discount, Rough Country offers dedicated customer support that understands the unique needs and challenges faced by military personnel. They strive to provide exceptional service and a hassle-free experience⁣ when purchasing their quality products.