National Aquarium

National Aquarium

The National Aquarium recognizes the great​ sacrifice ⁤that the military and‍ their ⁢families give ⁤to our country. In honor ⁤of their ⁢service, the Aquarium extends special discounts to ‌active duty military personnel, veterans, ‍and⁤ even retired veterans. This fantastic initiative is‍ a unique opportunity for our revered veterans to experience the wonders of aquatic life without bearing the‌ full cost.

The ⁢National Aquarium, located in Baltimore, Maryland, is one of the largest and most famous ‌aquaria in ‍the United States. The Aquarium offers an impressive representation of over 20,000‌ animals rotated in‍ varying⁣ exhibits including the award-winning Blacktip ⁢Reef, Dolphin Discovery, and Australia: Wild Extremes. Beyond animal exhibits, the Aquarium ‍offers educational ‍programs, conservation efforts,⁤ and immersive experiences made to thrill visitors of all⁢ ages.⁢ It’s a⁢ place where guests can learn, explore,⁣ and get up ​close with a variety of unique marine​ life.

To benefit from the National Aquarium military discount, all you need to do is present a valid military ID ​at the⁣ time of‍ your purchase. This discount applies ‍to the accepted military member and‌ a reasonable number‍ of direct‍ dependents. It’s important to note that discounts ⁣are available on-site⁢ only, and not ​available for online purchases, so be ‍sure to bring your ID ⁣with you. In essence, the military discount ‍initiative is a small token of the National Aquarium’s appreciation for the brave service⁢ members and their families, making fascinating marine​ exploration more accessible for them.

Q: What is the National Aquarium military discount?

A: The National Aquarium offers a special discount for‍ active military members, veterans, and their families. The discount ⁤applies to the admission fee, allowing them to⁢ enjoy ⁣all the captivating exhibits at a reduced ⁤rate.

Q: How much discount⁤ does ⁣a military member get?

A: The ⁢discount⁣ varies from time to time. However, usually active military members, veterans and their families can expect ​a significant reduction in the regular admission prices.

Q: Are these discounts ​applicable every day?

A: Yes, the National Aquarium military discounts are usually applicable every day. However, it’s ⁣advisable to contact the Aquarium directly or visit⁢ their website for any ⁣changes or exceptions.

Q: Do military members need to show any proof to receive this ​discount?

A: Yes. Military members need to‍ present a valid military ‍ID or other proof of service to avail the‌ discount.

Q: ⁢Does the‌ discount apply to ‌the family members of ​Military service ‍personnel?

A: Yes. The discount does extend ⁢to the family members of active military personnel and veterans.

Q: Are there any other features or opportunities at ⁤the National Aquarium‍ for military families?

A: ⁤Apart from the military⁢ discount,⁢ the National Aquarium also hosts special events and programs, like ‌the National Aquarium Military Appreciation Night, which includes extended hours, dining options and entertainment exclusively for⁤ military families.

Q: Is the discount only for U.S. military members?

A: Yes, this discount offer⁤ is exclusive‌ for U.S. military ‌members, veterans and their families ​only.

Q: Does the ⁢Aquarium offer any discounts for retired military personnel?

A: Yes,​ the National Aquarium⁤ military discount applies to both active-duty and retired military personnel. As long as⁢ proof of service can be provided, they can enjoy the discounted rates.

Q:‍ Can the discount be applied to online purchases of tickets?

A: Usually, to receive the military discount, tickets must be purchased onsite at the National Aquarium. However, it’s⁤ always a good⁢ idea to ⁣check the current policies online⁣ or by contacting the Aquarium directly.