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Are you a member‍ of the military or a veteran looking to enjoy ‌some well-deserved relaxation and entertainment? Look‍ no‍ further than ‌MGM Resorts International, which offers⁣ an exclusive military discount to show​ their ‍appreciation for our ​brave ​men and women in uniform. Whether you’re planning a thrilling vacation or⁢ a night of entertainment, MGM Resorts has got you covered with their exceptional services‍ and world-class amenities. So, let’s dive into ⁣what MGM has to offer and how ⁣you can⁤ take advantage of their military discount.

MGM Resorts International is a renowned hospitality ⁢company that operates various iconic resorts and casinos ⁤around the United States. From ​the glitz and⁤ glamour of Las Vegas to ⁢the⁣ natural ‍beauty of regional destinations, MGM Resorts provides an exceptional experience for every type ⁣of traveler. Their portfolio‍ includes famous properties such as Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, and MGM Grand. With⁤ luxurious accommodations, award-winning restaurants, exhilarating entertainment⁤ options, ⁢and vibrant nightlife, MGM Resorts sets the stage for an unforgettable getaway.

How To Get The MGM Military Discount

To receive the MGM military​ discount, the process is straightforward​ and hassle-free. First,⁤ you need to ‌select the MGM resort that you would like to stay at using the button below. Once your service​ is ​verified, you can take advantage of the exclusive 10% military rates offered on hotel bookings, shows,‍ and ⁢attractions.‍ The discount is valid for active-duty military personnel, veterans, ⁤and ⁣their immediate ‌family ⁤members. Just⁢ imagine enjoying a spectacular performance by Cirque du⁤ Soleil or ⁣treating yourself to a rejuvenating spa experience at ⁤a⁢ significant discount, all thanks to⁢ your dedicated⁢ service. MGM ‍Resorts’ military discount is their way of⁤ expressing gratitude to those who ​have served or continue to⁢ serve our country.

MGM Resorts International is an exceptional‍ hospitality company⁣ that provides an array‍ of unmatched experiences at their renowned resorts and casinos.⁣ Their commitment to honoring and appreciating military ⁣personnel is evident through their exclusive military‍ discount program. So go ahead and plan that ‍dream vacation or unforgettable night out – MGM Resorts is ready to make it an extraordinary experience for you and your loved ones.


Q: ‍What is the MGM military ⁤discount?
A: The MGM military discount is a special offer extended to active duty military members, veterans, and their immediate‌ family members, providing ⁣them with⁢ exclusive discounts on ⁤accommodations, dining, entertainment, and more⁣ at select MGM Resorts ‍destinations across the United States.

Q: Who is eligible ⁢for the MGM military discount?
A: The discount⁢ is available to all active duty military members,⁤ including members of the Army, ⁢Navy, Air Force, Marines, ⁣and Coast Guard. It ⁣is also offered to veterans with proof of military service‍ and their immediate family members, ⁤including spouses⁣ and children.

Q: How can I take advantage of the MGM military discount?
A: To access the‌ discount, simply visit the official MGM Resorts website or contact their‌ reservations department. When making your reservation, you will need to provide valid proof of military service or a veteran ID card. In-person verification may also be required at the time ‌of check-in.

Q: What benefits can I expect with the MGM military discount?
A: With the MGM military discount, you ⁢can⁣ enjoy‍ various benefits, such as discounted room rates, special ​promotions on dining options, exclusive ⁣access to entertainment shows, and⁤ much more. Specific discounts and offers may vary depending on the particular resort and availability.

Q: Which MGM Resorts destinations‍ participate⁣ in the military ⁢discount program?
A:‌ Most ‍of the MGM ​Resorts destinations participate in the military discount program. Some‌ notable locations include MGM Grand‍ Las Vegas, Bellagio Las​ Vegas, ARIA ‌Resort & Casino, Mandalay Bay Resort​ and Casino, and the⁢ Mirage‌ Las Vegas.⁤ However, it’s ⁣recommended to check the official website or⁤ contact the reservations department to confirm ​eligibility ‍at a specific resort.

Q: Can the MGM military discount be‌ combined with other offers or promotions?
A: Generally, MGM military discounts cannot be combined ⁤with other promotions or offers. However, it’s always worth checking ⁤with the resort’s reservations​ department for any possible exceptions or ongoing special deals.

Q: Are‌ there any ‌blackout dates or restrictions associated with‌ the MGM ⁤military discount?
A: While‌ blackout dates and‌ restrictions may ‍apply, they are typically minimal and subject to​ each individual resort. It is essential to review the terms and conditions for your specific dates⁢ and‌ chosen destination⁢ to ensure availability of‍ the military ‍discount.

Q: ⁢Is⁣ there⁢ a limit on the number of⁣ times I‌ can‍ use the ⁣MGM military discount?
A: There isn’t⁤ a published limit on the number of⁤ times you can use the discount. ‍However, ​it’s advised to contact the resort’s reservations department or review⁣ their ⁣terms and conditions to get accurate information on any restrictions or limitations.

Q: Can I ⁢book the MGM military discount online?
A: Yes, the MGM ⁤military discount‌ can⁢ be booked ⁤online⁢ through the official MGM Resorts website. There is usually a dedicated section where you⁤ can enter your military ⁣credentials and get the discount. ⁣Additionally, you can also call⁢ the reservations department ​for ⁤assistance with booking.

Q: Is there​ an expiration‌ date for the MGM ⁤military⁢ discount program?
A: The MGM military discount program is ongoing and does ‌not have an expiration date. However, it’s always a⁤ good idea to check⁤ the official‌ website or contact the reservations department to ensure the⁢ discount is still available at your ​desired ⁢resort.