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Liberty University

Liberty University is known for its​ commitment to providing ⁣exceptional online education programs, and⁢ this⁢ commitment extends to offering significant, meaningful support to the members⁤ of our⁣ military and their spouses. A fundamental part of ‌their support comes in ‍the‍ form of a​ Military discount which⁤ greatly alleviates ‌the financial burden associated with higher ⁣education. This initiative truly underscores Liberty University’s admiration and gratitude for the brave men and women who serve our nation.

Liberty University, based in Lynchburg, Virginia, is a well-renowned comprehensive, Christian⁣ liberal⁣ arts institution that offers a broad ‍array of undergraduate and ​graduate degrees through online and residential programs. ⁣The university aims to promote ‍both the intellectual and spiritual development of its ⁤students while preparing ⁣them for successful careers. Their online programs are designed with flexibility in mind,⁢ making it ideal for active duty military personnel, reserves, veterans, and military ⁢spouses who may be balancing service commitments with educational pursuits.‍ While providing⁤ quality education, Liberty University also instills in its students the values⁣ of ‌service, integrity,‍ and ⁣respect.

The⁣ Liberty⁢ University⁣ military discount is ⁤straightforward to receive. To get started, eligible individuals need to complete the online Benefits Eligibility Form⁤ available on the university⁣ website. This is then followed‌ by submitting required ⁤documents such as a copy‌ of the service member’s military orders or a current Leave and Earnings Statement. Military‌ spouses ⁣must also provide a copy of the marriage certificate to validate their relationship. The team at Liberty University’s ⁣Office of Military Affairs reviews ‌these documents and applies the discount to the student’s account. This ​streamlined process ensures that eligible ​military personnel and their spouses can quickly and easily benefit from the discount.‌ The Liberty ​University military discount is their way of saying ⁢”thank you” ⁢for the⁣ sacrifices made by our‍ military members and their families.

Q: What is Liberty University?
A: Liberty University is a ‌private ⁣evangelical ​Christian institution, in Lynchburg, Virginia. It’s one of the largest Christian universities in the world and the largest private ⁤non-profit university ⁤in the United States measured‍ by student enrollment.

Q: Does Liberty University offer a‍ military ⁣discount?
A: Yes, Liberty University offers ‍tuition discounts to military service members, veterans and military spouses.⁤ They also offer‍ other types of military benefits.

Q: How much is the military discount at Liberty ​University?
A: Liberty University offers‌ a ⁢$250 per credit hour tuition ⁤rate ‌for undergraduate and $275 per credit hour for graduate courses for military students. There are also ⁢discounts available for military‍ spouses and dependents.

Q: Who qualifies for the military discount?
A: Current service members ⁢of the U.S.‌ Armed forces, ​veterans who were ⁣honorably ‍discharged, and military spouses and dependents all generally qualify for the military discount.

Q: How do I get the military discount at Liberty⁢ University?
A: To receive your military benefits at Liberty University, you will need to submit a Military Benefits Request form and necessary documentation such as your‍ Military ID, Veteran⁣ ID, or DD214 form.

Q: ​Are there any other military benefits ‌at Liberty University?
A: Yes, in addition‌ to the tuition discount, Liberty University ⁣offers book vouchers, fee waivers, and the potential ‌for​ extra college credit for military training.

Q: What is Liberty University’s book voucher program?
A: Liberty University’s book voucher program is a benefit for eligible online military students that provides assistance ‌for purchasing required course materials.

Q: ⁣Does the‍ military discount apply to online courses as well?
A: Yes, the military discount⁣ applies to both residential ⁤and online courses.

Q: Are the credits transferable if I am​ relocated due to my military service?
A: Yes, Liberty University offers flexible⁤ options for military students who ⁢may have to relocate, including the option to transfer ‍credits to accommodate your ‍unique ⁣needs.

Q: Can I ⁢use the‍ GI ​Bill at Liberty University?
A: Yes, Liberty University is eligible for the GI Bill⁤ benefits. Both the⁢ Post-9/11 GI Bill and the Montgomery GI Bill can be used for your education at Liberty University.