Lego Land

Lego Land

Are you a⁣ military service member⁣ or a veteran looking for a fun-filled family outing at an affordable price? Well, look no⁢ further! Lego Land, the ​renowned theme park and entertainment destination, offers a fantastic military discount to ⁣show their gratitude for our military heroes. Whether you’re stationed locally or planning a visit ‌from out of town, Lego Land is a must-visit destination that guarantees a ‍day full of excitement and unforgettable memories for the‍ whole family.

Lego Land is a beloved ⁣theme ‌park that‌ caters specifically to children ages 2 to 12, but it’s also a ⁤place where ‍adults ​can unleash their inner child. Located in various cities across the United States, including California, Florida, and New ⁢York, these parks offer a remarkable experience where creativity and imagination come to life. Visitors can explore intricately designed Lego models, embark on thrilling rides, participate in interactive shows, and even build their own Lego creations. With so much to see and do, there’s never a dull moment at Lego Land.

To ‍secure the Lego Land military discount, all you need to do is present a valid military ID at the ticketing booth. Current ‌military service members ​and their ⁢immediate family members can⁢ enjoy ​a substantial discount⁤ on park admission​ tickets, which makes it an affordable option for a day of family fun. Additionally, veterans can also take⁣ advantage of this discount by providing a ​valid military ID or proof‍ of service. It’s important to note ⁣that this discount is only available for on-site purchases and cannot be combined with any other⁤ discounts or promotions. So, grab your military ID, bring the family, and make lasting memories at⁢ Lego Land without breaking the bank.


Q: Are there any military discounts available for Lego Land?

A: Absolutely! Lego Land offers a fantastic military discount for service members and their families.

Q: Who is eligible for the Lego Land military discount?

A: The ‍discount is available to active duty military personnel, military⁣ retirees, veterans, and their ‌immediate family members.

Q: What kind⁢ of discount can I expect?

A: The exact discount may vary,⁢ but ⁤typically ⁢Lego Land offers ‍a significant percentage off regular ⁤admission prices. This can amount to substantial savings for military families.

Q:⁣ How can I take advantage of the military discount?

A: To receive the‍ discount, simply present your valid military ID or other proof of service at the Lego Land ticket booth. ⁤The discount is available for both on-site ticket purchases and online ticket purchases.

Q: Can the military discount be combined with other offers?

A: Generally, the military discount ⁣cannot be combined ‌with other promotional offers or discounts. However, it’s always ‍a good idea to check the Lego Land website or ‌contact customer service for any specific exclusions or special ​promotions.

Q: Is the military discount available ⁣at all Lego Land locations?

A: Yes, the military discount is available at ‌all Lego Land theme parks in ⁢the United States. This includes Lego Land⁢ California, Lego Land Florida, ‍and Lego Land New York.

Q: ⁣Are​ there any restrictions or⁤ limitations to be ⁣aware of?

A: While the military discount is a fantastic opportunity, ⁣there may be some blackout dates or restrictions​ during⁤ peak holiday periods, special events, or ⁢weekends. It’s advisable to check the Lego Land‍ website⁣ or contact customer service for more information on any such limitations.

Q: Can I purchase discounted⁣ tickets for friends who are ⁣not in the military?

A: The military discount​ only applies⁢ to eligible military personnel and their immediate family members. However, non-military friends and relatives can still purchase⁢ regular tickets at the standard prices.

Q: Is the military discount available‌ for annual passes?

A: Yes, ⁢Lego Land often ⁤extends ​the military discount‍ to their annual passes as well. This allows military families to⁣ enjoy the Lego Land experience⁤ throughout the year at a reduced cost.

Q: Is the military discount a permanent offer?

A: The military⁣ discount at Lego Land is an⁢ ongoing offer; however, it is ⁣always ‌recommended to check the Lego Land website for the most up-to-date ⁤information and any​ potential changes to the discount​ program.

Remember, Lego Land appreciates and values our military personnel and their families, so don’t ‌miss the⁤ opportunity to take advantage of this fantastic military discount and create unforgettable memories at Lego Land!