Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch

‌ Are you a military service member‍ or a ‌veteran‌ looking for an adventurous getaway in ‌Hawaii?​ Look no further than Kualoa ⁢Ranch, ⁤an amazing⁤ destination​ that not ⁣only offers a⁤ wealth of⁤ exciting activities but also provides a military⁤ discount to show appreciation for those who⁢ have ​served. With its stunning natural beauty and a wide range ⁣of recreational options, Kualoa Ranch is‍ the​ perfect place for‍ military personnel ⁢and their ‌families to ⁢create ⁢unforgettable memories.

Nestled on‌ the northeastern coast of Oahu, Kualoa Ranch is a 4,000-acre privately-owned nature ⁣reserve⁤ and working cattle ranch. It⁢ boasts a diverse landscape including lush valleys, pristine ⁣beaches, and⁢ majestic mountains. Visitors ‌to the ranch can engage in ⁢numerous activities such as​ horseback riding, ATV⁢ adventures, zip-lining, and even exploring‌ filming​ locations for ⁣popular movies like Jurassic⁢ Park. The natural⁢ beauty of⁣ the ranch combined with ‍the exciting​ activities it offers make Kualoa Ranch a must-visit destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

To take⁣ advantage of the Kualoa Ranch military discount, simply present‌ a valid military ID at the time of booking or upon arrival. This discount is available ⁤to ‍all active ⁣duty ⁢military personnel, ⁢veterans, and their families. By offering this special​ discount, Kualoa ‌Ranch aims to extend a heartfelt thank ⁣you to ​members⁢ of the military community​ for⁢ their⁣ service ‌and sacrifice. ​So pack your bags, grab your loved ones, and head over to ⁤Kualoa ⁤Ranch to experience the natural⁣ wonders and thrilling adventures⁣ that await you – all while enjoying ⁢an exclusive discount‍ as‍ a token⁣ of appreciation.


Q:⁤ What is the‍ “Kualoa ⁢Ranch ‍military discount”?
A: The “Kualoa ‍Ranch military discount” is ⁢a ‍special‌ offer provided⁢ to‌ active ⁤duty ⁣military personnel and veterans to enjoy ‌discounted‌ rates ⁤on various ⁢tours and attractions at Kualoa Ranch⁢ in ‍Hawaii.

Q: How much is the discount​ and who is eligible?
A: The military discount offers 10% off the regular prices for tours and activities at Kualoa Ranch. It is ⁣available to all active duty military personnel, ⁤as well as veterans with⁢ valid military identification or ⁣proof of service.

Q:​ Which tours and activities are included in the military discount?
A: The military discount can be applied to⁤ a⁣ wide‌ range⁣ of‌ tours and​ activities​ at Kualoa Ranch,⁣ including the popular Movie Sites Tour, Jurassic Valley Zipline, ⁢ATV Adventures,⁤ Ocean ⁢Voyaging ​Tours,⁢ and many⁢ others!

Q: ​How can⁤ military‌ personnel or veterans avail the ​discount?
A: To ⁣take‌ advantage ⁢of the military discount, active duty ‍military personnel and veterans simply need to present their ⁢valid⁣ military ⁤identification or proof of service when booking their ⁣tour or activity at ‌Kualoa ‌Ranch. The discount will be ​applied at the time of⁣ purchase.

Q:⁣ Can ⁢the military discount be combined with⁢ any other offers?
A: Unfortunately,​ the military discount ‍cannot be ​combined with⁣ any other offers⁤ or promotions at‌ Kualoa ​Ranch. However, the discount is already a significant⁣ savings opportunity that provides excellent value for military personnel⁤ and‌ veterans.

Q: Are reservations required in advance⁣ to avail the‍ military discount?
A: While reservations are not required to avail the military discount, we‍ highly recommend making them in advance to ensure availability⁢ on your preferred‍ tour ⁣or activity. Kualoa⁢ Ranch is a ‍popular destination, and some tours⁢ may ⁢sell out ‌in advance.

Q: Is there ⁢any expiration date for the military​ discount?
A: As⁤ of⁤ now, ⁤there is no expiration ‌date⁤ mentioned for the military discount at Kualoa Ranch. However, it’s ​always‌ a good ‌idea to check their official website or contact their ‌customer service for the most up-to-date information.

Q: Can family members or ⁤friends of military personnel also​ avail the⁤ discount?
A: The military discount at Kualoa Ranch is ⁢specifically for active duty‌ military personnel and veterans. However, some tours and activities may offer discounted‌ rates for accompanying family members or ⁢friends. It‌ is best to inquire ⁢directly with Kualoa Ranch‌ for specific ‍details.

Q: Are ⁤there any ⁤restrictions ⁣or ⁤limitations with the ⁤military discount?
A: ‍The military discount is subject to availability and⁢ may have certain limitations during‍ peak seasons or special events.‍ Additionally, it is important⁢ to note ‍that the‌ discount is ‌non-transferable and cannot be used for group reservations ⁤or combined with other‍ offers.

Q: Is the​ military discount applicable to online bookings?
A: Yes, the military discount can be applied to ‌both‍ online bookings and bookings made in ‌person at ⁢Kualoa Ranch. When booking online, be⁤ sure to enter ⁤the ​applicable promo⁢ code provided ⁢for military ​discounts‍ to ensure the discount is applied correctly.

We hope this​ Q&A provides ⁣all the necessary information about the⁣ “Kualoa Ranch ​military discount.”⁤ Enjoy exploring the beauty of Kualoa ​Ranch with this exclusive offer!