Recognizing ‍the sacrifices our military‌ personnel ⁣make on a daily basis, ​Killington‌ Resort offers an⁤ exclusive discount as a ⁣token of​ appreciation. Located in⁢ Vermont, Killington Resort is‍ a popular destination for​ many seeking adventure ‌and ‍relaxation. With its military discounts,⁣ it seeks to express ⁤gratitude to⁣ those courageous men⁢ and women ⁢who ‌put their lives on the ⁤line to⁤ serve the nation.‍

Nestled amidst the picturesque beauty of Vermont’s Green Mountains, ​Killington⁤ is famed for⁤ its skiing and snowboarding ​trails. During winter,⁤ its snow-covered slopes become ‍a haven for winter ‍sports enthusiasts seeking the exhilaration of cutting through​ fresh snow. But that’s not⁢ all ⁤Killington offers. ⁢When⁤ warmer weather⁤ arrives,⁢ the resort ‍transforms‌ into a summer paradise with world-class ⁤mountain biking⁤ tracks, golf courses, and hiking trails. It’s a year-round retreat that suits both adrenaline junkies and⁢ those searching for⁢ a peaceful⁢ escape in nature.

Getting​ the Killington military discount is fairly straightforward. It is available​ to all active duty,​ retired⁢ and honorably⁤ discharged members⁢ of the U.S military. All you’d need to do is to present your valid military ID at the time of purchase. This entitles you to a substantial discount on ⁢daily lift tickets and season passes at ‍the resort. However, it’s best to check with Killington’s guest ⁤service for the most⁣ current terms ⁢and conditions. So go ahead, enjoy‌ the thrill of Killington’s slopes⁣ or the tranquility of its⁢ scenic ⁣views, all ‌at a special rate in honor of ⁣your service.

Q: What is ​the​ Killington ‍Military Discount?
A:⁤ The Killington Military Discount is a ⁢special offer tailored for ⁣members of the United States ⁤military. It allows‌ them to enjoy discounted​ rates ⁢at Killington, a ⁤popular mountain resort⁢ and ski area located ‌in Killington, Vermont.

Q: Who⁣ qualifies ​for the Killington ⁤Military Discount?
A: The⁣ discount is available to all active duty, ⁢reserve, and retired members of the U.S military, including their spouses‌ and dependents.⁣ Valid identification will be ‌required to​ confirm military status.

Q: How ⁢much‍ can military personnel ​save with this⁢ discount?
A:⁤ The exact ⁣amount⁣ of‌ savings can ‌vary depending ⁣on ⁢the ‍specific ⁢service or product offered⁣ by the resort. However, substantial price reductions are ⁣typically provided on lift tickets, season passes, and⁣ lodging.

Q: How can eligible individuals claim ⁤the discount?
A: Eligible individuals can claim their military discount at the resort by presenting ‍their valid military identification. It’s recommended to confirm the availability and details of the​ discount when making ‍reservations or purchasing‍ tickets.

Q: Does the Killington Military Discount apply to Veteran-owned businesses?
A: Typically, the discount applies ⁢to‌ individuals rather than businesses.‍ However, specific queries regarding‌ Veteran-owned⁢ businesses ⁣can be‍ addressed directly with Killington ‌Resort’s Customer Support. ⁢ ‌⁤ ⁣

Q:⁢ Are‍ there any⁢ black-out dates associated with‍ the Military‌ Discount?
A: ​Black-out dates, if any, ⁣are subject to change and usually pertain to peak holiday periods. For exact details and date specifics,⁤ it would be‍ best to‍ get⁢ in contact directly with Killington ⁢Resort.

Q: Is ​the Killington Military Discount⁣ available‌ all year round?
A:​ Yes, the discount is typically available year-round. However, availability can ‍depend on certain factors like the season, availability of accommodations, and⁢ the​ resort’s policies. Therefore, ​confirming the availability‌ of the discount during ⁤the desired ​visit period is⁤ suggested.

Q:⁤ Are there any other discounts ​military personnel can get at⁢ Killington?
A:⁢ Apart from the military discount, Killington Resort ⁢may occasionally offer⁤ additional ⁢discounts ⁤or promotional ‍deals‌ that‌ military personnel could benefit⁢ from. It is always a good⁤ idea to check the official ‍resort ⁤website or⁤ contact their customer service⁤ to stay⁣ updated on‍ the latest offers.