There are⁤ many organizations that generously offer a ⁣hand of gratitude to ​our⁢ brave soldiers, and Kennywood Park is one ⁢of​ them. In recognition⁣ of their valiant services, parks across America ⁤have established discounted rates, or even free days, for⁣ service‍ members and their families. ⁢Kennywood Park, specifically, provides an ⁤exclusive military ‌discount to honor military personnel, active, retired, and ‌their dependants.

Nestled⁢ in⁤ West⁤ Mifflin, Pennsylvania, Kennywood Park is⁣ one‍ of the ‍oldest and most beloved amusement‌ parks in America.‌ With its thrilling ‍blend⁢ of modern ⁣high-tech attractions and classic old-school rides,‍ Kennywood caters to all age ⁢groups and interests.​ Attractions⁤ include a ⁣mix of roller coasters, water rides, ​dark rides, and a ‌classic ‍merry go ‍round. Apart from entertaining individual⁤ visitors, the park also​ caters ⁣to ⁤catered outings and corporate fun days. Over the years, Kennywood has made‍ a‍ name for ‍itself ​as a ‌go-to destination for family-friendly entertainment and⁢ has been a part of countless community and family memories.

In ​appreciation of ‌their courage and dedication, ‍Kennywood strives ⁣to ‌make these memories ‌even more ⁤special for military personnel and ⁢their dear ones.⁣ Therefore, active-duty, retired military members and‍ their dependents ‌can enjoy a⁣ hefty discount ‌on‌ Kennywood⁢ tickets.⁣ To⁣ benefit ‌from this,‌ eligible individuals need to ⁤show their official​ military IDs at⁤ the ticket booth. It‍ is a simple way‌ to get a discount, with no need for any ​advance planning‍ or online bookings. ‍The​ best ⁣part is, ​Kennywood‌ doesn’t limit this ​kind⁣ gesture to ‌a specific ⁢day ‌or month; the ‌military discount is available‍ all throughout the⁤ operating season. This means our heroes⁤ can plan a day out anytime it suits them, taking a ⁣well-deserved ‌break to ‍join in a day of fun and laughter⁤ at Kennywood Park.

Q: What is the Kennywood military discount?
A: Kennywood offers a special discount‍ to military members. Both‍ active duty and retired members of the U.S. military can enjoy discounted rates on ⁣their tickets.

Q: ⁢How much discount do military members get at Kennywood?
A: The​ discount can vary depending ⁣on the time of the year and⁢ the specific‌ promotion, but military members ⁤can generally expect to ⁢save a significant amount compared⁢ to regular admission ⁢prices.

Q: How do ​I avail⁢ of the⁣ Kennywood military discount?
A: To avail⁤ of⁣ the military discount, you need to present a valid military ID at the‌ Kennywood ticket window. ⁤

Q: Are family members of ⁣military personnel eligible for the discount?
A: ⁤Yes, the discount applies to the military member plus three other ‌family members. They need to be⁣ present with the member at the time of purchase.

Q: Is the​ military discount available ⁣for online ticket⁢ purchase?
A: Typically, the military ‌discount‌ is available for tickets ⁤purchased at the gate. For online⁤ ticket purchases, you can‌ contact ​the ⁣park directly to inquire about the possibility of ⁢applying the military discount.

Q: Can I avail of the military discount during holidays and special events?
A: The availability ⁣of the⁤ military ⁢discount during holidays and special events⁣ depends on the specific policy of Kennywood. The park​ management would ‍be more than happy to provide this information.

Q: I am a veteran, can​ I still avail the discount?
A: ‌Yes, veterans who can present a valid ID showing proof of service can avail of the Kennywood military discount.

Q: Is the ​military ‌discount applicable to all attractions inside⁣ Kennywood?
A: ⁢The ​military discount is ⁣specifically applicable to the ⁢admission ticket. For ⁢other attractions inside the park, it would be⁣ best to inquire ​directly with Kennywood’s management.

Q: If ‍I ​forget to bring my ‌military ID, can I still get ⁣the​ discount?
A: The‍ Kennywood military ‌discount policy‍ requires proof of military service, which is typically​ an ‌ID. Without it, you may not be able ⁣to avail ‌of⁢ the discount.