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If you’re a member of the military or ⁢a veteran, there’s great news for you: Harley Davidson, the ⁢iconic American motorcycle company, ‌offers an exclusive military discount to show their appreciation for your service and sacrifice. ‍With this discount, you can save on the purchase of a‌ brand​ new Harley Davidson motorcycle, accessories,⁢ and even some select ​merchandise. Let’s​ delve into what makes Harley Davidson special, ‍and how you can take ‍advantage ⁣of their fantastic military ​discount.

Harley Davidson is more than just a motorcycle brand; it’s ​a symbol⁣ of freedom, adventure, and the open road. For over‌ a century, Harley Davidson has been crafting motorcycles with an unmistakable sense of style,⁣ power, and performance. From their classic cruisers to their modern sport bikes, these two-wheeled machines have captured‌ the hearts and imaginations of riders ​all over the world. Beyond ⁢motorcycles, Harley Davidson also offers a wide range of accessories, including riding gear, custom parts, ⁢and commemorative merchandise, allowing you to personalize and enhance your riding ⁣experience.

Getting‌ the Harley Davidson military discount ‍is simple and⁢ straightforward. ‍To qualify,‍ you must be an active-duty military member, a​ veteran, or a retired military​ personnel. Just visit your local Harley⁢ Davidson dealership, armed with your military⁣ ID ⁣or proof of service, and inform them of⁤ your⁤ eligibility‌ for the ‍military discount. The friendly ​staff will guide you through the process and ensure that⁤ you receive the discount on your purchase. This discount applies not‌ only to motorcycles but also to genuine Harley Davidson accessories, ⁢making it a fantastic opportunity to gear up while saving some cash.

In ‍conclusion, the Harley Davidson ​military discount is a way for this⁢ legendary motorcycle ⁢company to express their gratitude for the brave men and‌ women who serve or have served in the ⁣military. With this ‌discount, ​you‌ can enjoy ⁤savings on your​ dream bike and enhance your riding experience with genuine Harley Davidson gear. So, ‍if you’re in the military⁢ or a veteran, head to⁤ your nearest Harley Davidson dealership today to take advantage of this ⁣generous discount and join the vibrant community of Harley Davidson enthusiasts.


Q: What is the Harley Davidson military‌ discount?
A:​ The Harley Davidson military discount is a special offer extended to active duty⁢ military personnel, veterans, and their families. It provides ‌eligible individuals with a reduced price on select Harley Davidson⁣ motorcycles and accessories.

Q:‍ Who‍ is​ eligible‌ for the military discount?
A: The military discount is‌ available to all active duty ⁢and retired military personnel, as well as veterans ⁣within one year of their separation date. Additionally, spouses and dependents ⁤of military personnel are also eligible.

Q: How⁢ much is the discount?
A: The ‍exact discount amount may vary depending on the model and location. However,​ the military discount typically ranges from​ 5% to 20% off ‍the suggested retail price.

Q: Which ⁤Harley Davidson products are eligible for the military discount?
A: The​ military discount applies to a wide range of Harley Davidson‌ motorcycles, ⁤riding‌ gear, clothing, and accessories. It is best to check ‌with your local Harley Davidson dealership ⁣or their ​website to see ‍which ‍specific items are eligible for the discount.

Q: Can the military discount be combined with other offers?
A: In most ​cases, the military discount ‍cannot be ‍combined with other promotional offers or discounts. However, ​it’s always a ⁣good idea to check with your local Harley Davidson dealership to see if​ any exceptions apply.

Q: How can I take⁢ advantage of the military discount?
A: To utilize the military discount, you will need to visit an authorized Harley Davidson dealership and present‍ your⁢ military ID or other proof of eligibility. ⁣The dealership will⁢ guide you through the process‍ and provide assistance‍ in selecting the‌ right motorcycle or merchandise.

Q: Are there any exclusions or limitations to the military discount?
A:⁢ While the military discount is‍ generally applicable ⁢to⁤ a⁤ wide array of ⁤Harley Davidson products, certain limitations ​may apply. It​ is advisable to consult with your⁣ local dealership to understand any exclusions or limitations specific to your⁤ location.

Q: Is the military discount available for online purchases?
A: Yes, the military discount is available for online purchases. You can make use of‌ the discount while‍ browsing‌ the‌ Harley Davidson official ⁣website by​ entering the required information ⁤during the checkout process.

Q: Are non-US ⁣military personnel ​eligible ​for the discount?
A:‌ Yes, the military discount is⁢ also available⁣ to military personnel from outside the United ⁣States. However, it’s always recommended to ‍check with your⁢ local authorized ⁢Harley Davidson dealership for specific eligibility requirements and potential variations in the discount amount.

Q: How long is the military discount valid?
A: The​ Harley Davidson military discount is an ongoing program ‍that continues to⁣ support military personnel ‍and​ their families. ‍However, it’s advisable to confirm the availability of the ​discount at⁤ your nearest authorized dealership, as some temporary ‍promotions or limited-time offers⁣ may arise from ​time to time. ‍