Attention all military personnel!⁣ Did you know that you can score some awesome discounts at Biglots? That’s right, Biglots offers a ‍generous military discount to show their appreciation for ​our brave men and women in uniform.⁣ So, whether you’re shopping for furniture, home decor, electronics, or just about anything else,​ Biglots has got you covered.

Biglots ​is a well-known discount retailer that ⁣provides a wide range of products at ⁢affordable prices. From furniture to food, household essentials to ‍toys, you‌ can find it⁣ all at Biglots. Whether you’re moving into a new‌ place, redecorating your home,‌ or simply looking for great bargains, Biglots offers an extensive selection of quality products ​that won’t break the‌ bank. Plus, they often have special promotions ⁣and sales, making it even⁢ more enticing to⁣ shop at this budget-friendly store.

Getting the Biglots military⁤ discount is super easy. All​ you need to do is show ‌your military ID or proof of service at ⁤the checkout counter, and they’ll give you a ‍well-deserved discount as a token of‍ their appreciation. This discount applies to​ both active military personnel and veterans, so regardless of your military⁢ status, you ⁢can benefit​ from this fantastic offer.‍ So,⁢ next ⁤time⁢ you’re planning to shop at Biglots, make sure to bring​ your military documentation, and ⁣they’ll gladly give you ⁣a discount on your purchase.

In conclusion,⁤ Biglots is a treasure ⁤trove for bargain hunters, offering⁢ a wide range of affordable products. With their military discount, they go the extra‌ mile to support and ​thank our military personnel for their service. So, if you’re a member ⁣of the military community, be sure‌ to take advantage of this generous offer⁤ at‍ Biglots. Happy shopping!


Q: Does Big Lots offer a military discount?
A: Yes, absolutely! Big Lots proudly supports our military‍ members and their families by offering ⁢a special‌ military ⁤discount.

Q: Who is eligible for the Big Lots military discount?
A A: The‌ discount is available to active-duty military⁣ personnel, veterans, and their immediate family members. ⁤This includes spouses and dependent children.

Q: What does the Big Lots military discount⁤ offer?
A: The military discount at Big Lots provides a 10% off on eligible purchases made in-store. This discount can be used on a wide range⁢ of ⁢products across ‌various departments, making it a great way to save money while shopping.

Q: ‌How can I redeem ‍the military​ discount at Big Lots?
A: To avail of the‌ military discount, ‌simply present a valid military⁣ ID or proof of service at the checkout counter. The discount will be applied⁢ to all eligible items in your purchase.

Q: Are there any exclusions or⁢ limitations to the military discount?
A: Yes, certain exclusions apply to the Big Lots military ​discount. It ⁤cannot be combined with any other⁢ promotional offers or discounts.‌ Additionally, the discount is not applicable to gift cards, in-store services, product protection plans, or certain ‍restricted items.

Q: Can the military discount be used online?
A: Unfortunately, the military discount at Big Lots ⁤is currently​ only available for in-store ⁢purchases and cannot be redeemed online. However, be sure to check their website for other promotions or deals that may be available online.

Q: Is the military discount available every day?
A: Yes, the military discount at ⁤Big Lots is available ⁤every day of the year. You can enjoy the discount whenever ‍you visit a Big Lots store, ensuring you can save on your purchases year-round.

Q: Does Big Lots offer any other ⁢benefits or programs for military personnel?
A: Yes! Along with the military discount, Big Lots also ⁤supports military families through various initiatives. These include providing employment opportunities, supporting military charities, and participating in community events to honor⁤ and recognize military service members.

Q:⁤ How can I‌ find​ a Big ‍Lots store near me?
A: To locate the nearest Big Lots store, you can visit their official website and ⁢use the store locator feature. ⁣Simply enter your zip code⁣ or city, and it will provide you with a list of⁢ nearby stores with their addresses ​and ​contact information.

Q: ⁤Can I combine the military discount with other available discounts?
A: No, ⁤the military discount at Big Lots cannot be combined with any other promotional offers or discounts. However, the discount ⁤is still a ‍great way to save money on your purchases, even if it ​cannot be combined with other deals.

Remember, Big Lots is grateful for the service and‌ sacrifice of our military personnel, so be sure to take advantage of the ⁤military discount and enjoy the savings while shopping at Big Lots!