Ace Hardware is proud to show its support for‌ the military⁢ by offering a generous military discount. As a way to⁤ thank those‍ who have served⁣ our country, Ace Hardware ⁢provides a discount for both active and retired military members. This exclusive discount is a small token of ​appreciation for the​ sacrifices made‌ by‌ these brave men and women.

Ace Hardware is a ⁢popular retail store ‌that offers‍ a wide‌ range of products for⁣ all your home improvement needs.​ From‍ tools and ‌hardware to paint and gardening supplies,‍ Ace Hardware is the go-to destination for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners alike.​ With a reputation ⁢for quality products and exceptional customer service, Ace Hardware ‍has become a trusted name in‍ the ​industry.

To ⁤take advantage of the Ace military discount, simply ‍present a⁣ valid military⁣ ID at the time⁣ of purchase. This discount can be used both in-store and online,⁣ making it ⁣convenient for military members wherever they may be located. With this discount,⁤ military personnel can enjoy savings on a wide variety of products, allowing them to tackle any home‍ improvement ‍project‍ without breaking ‍the bank. ⁢It’s ​Ace​ Hardware’s way of expressing gratitude to those‌ who have served our country‍ and making home improvement more affordable for our servicemen‌ and women.

In conclusion, Ace Hardware understands ‌the‌ sacrifices made ‍by⁢ our military personnel​ and‌ is proud to offer a military discount to ‍express their appreciation. With‌ a diverse range of products available, Ace Hardware⁤ is a one-stop shop‍ for⁤ all home improvement ⁤needs. Military members can⁤ easily access⁤ this discount by presenting their ‌military ID, ensuring ⁣that they can enjoy quality products at a discounted price.


Q: ​What is ‌the “Ace military discount” and who​ is eligible for it?
A: The “Ace ‍military discount” is⁢ a special offer provided by⁣ Ace ‌Hardware stores exclusively⁤ for ⁣active⁢ duty‍ and retired military personnel.⁢ This‌ discount program gives⁣ military members the opportunity to save on⁣ their purchases at ⁢participating Ace ​Hardware locations.

Q: How much can I save with the⁣ Ace military discount?
A: With the Ace military ​discount, you can save‍ 10% off your entire purchase at any participating Ace Hardware store. It’s our way of showing appreciation for the dedication and ​service of ⁣our ‌military community.

Q: ⁤Can this ‍discount be⁤ applied ‍to any items at Ace Hardware?
A: Yes, the ⁤Ace⁤ military discount is applicable⁣ to almost ⁣all ​items in-store. From tools⁤ and hardware to home improvement supplies⁣ and gardening ‍equipment, ‌you can use your military discount on a wide range of products. However, some ​exclusions may apply, such ‍as sale ⁢items, power tools, grills, and propane.

Q: ⁢How do I claim the Ace military ⁣discount?
A: To claim your ​Ace military discount,​ simply present‌ a ⁣valid military⁤ ID or proof‍ of service at the checkout counter. This could include your military‌ ID⁢ card, Veterans Affairs card,‍ or proof of service letter.

Q: Can I use the ‍Ace military discount online ‍as⁢ well?
A: Unfortunately, the Ace ‌military⁤ discount is⁢ currently only available ‍for in-store ‌purchases ​and is ⁤not applicable⁤ to online orders. However, we do‌ have⁣ occasional online⁤ promotions and exclusive⁢ deals, so ⁤be sure to keep ​an eye ⁤out for those!

Q:⁣ Are family members of ⁣military ‍personnel eligible ‌for the Ace military discount?
A: Yes, family‍ members of active duty, reserves, and retired military personnel are‌ eligible to receive the Ace military⁣ discount as long as they have a valid military‌ dependent ID⁣ or other​ proof of relationship. ⁣It’s our way ‍of expressing gratitude to the ⁤military families who⁣ support and sacrifice ​alongside our heroes.

Q: Does the Ace⁢ military discount‍ have an⁢ expiration ​date?
A: No, ⁣there is no specific expiration date for the Ace military⁣ discount program. As long as you remain an ​active duty or retired military​ member with valid identification, ⁢you can continue ⁤to enjoy the 10% discount whenever⁤ you shop at participating Ace Hardware‍ stores.

Q: Can the Ace military⁢ discount be combined with other offers or promotions?
A: The Ace military discount cannot be combined with ⁣other promotional offers or discounts. However, you can still take advantage of any ongoing sales or⁤ clearance items⁢ to ⁢maximize your ‍savings.

Q:⁢ How many times can I use the Ace military discount?
A: You can use ⁤the ‌Ace military discount as many times as you​ like. It is⁤ not limited to a one-time use or⁢ specific number of transactions. Feel‌ free to take advantage⁢ of the ⁢discount whenever you visit a ⁤participating⁢ Ace Hardware store.

Q: Are all‌ Ace Hardware stores participating in ⁤the‌ military discount program?
A: While ⁤the majority⁣ of Ace ⁣Hardware ⁢stores participate in the ​military discount program, it’s always a good idea⁣ to‌ double-check⁤ with your local⁤ store’s ‍policy to ensure⁢ they are included. You ⁣can easily find participating locations by visiting the Ace‌ Hardware website or contacting your nearest store directly.

Remember, the Ace military ⁤discount is ‍our⁣ way of saying “Thank you for your service” to our military community and providing savings‌ on the quality products you need.